Consults with Berkson

Dr. Berkson is an author, international consultant, and agile thinker. She has been in practice for four decades, specializing in nutrition, hormones, and digestion. Although she is not a medical doctor, many medical doctors consult with her on their complex cases; she is also their personal go-to-gal to get them well via hormones, nutrients, and individualized protocols. She has trained MDs, pharmacists, NPs, DCs, NDs, and many other practitioners for continuing education credits, as well as doing outreach to the public.

Many of her breakthrough books have led the way to new thinking in the health, environmental, and nutritional communities. So when you see Berkson in person (at her home office or as part of a medical team) or speak to her (via FaceTime, Skype, or phone), you get a high-end health consultant who is putting a lot of mental energy into figuring out the root cause of why you are not able to enjoy vibrant energy and well-being.
Berkson connects the dots of peer-reviewed literature, decades of clinical acumen, and nutritional know-how. Her focus is figuring out your weakest links and addressing them to make you whole again. Hopefully you will get well once and for all.

Berkson was exposed to the most powerful carcinogen in the womb due to a pharmaceutical prescribed to her mother during pregnancy. As a result, she suffered with multiple tumors, cancer, and fought serious health issues for many years. She was repeatedly told there was nothing that could be done for her and that she would have to learn accept on-going disabilities and try to age gracefully. However, through strategic hormonal therapies (which most doctors told her she was not a candidate for) along with nutrition and specific protocols, Berkson healed herself. She now enjoys better health in her 60’s than even in her 20’s.

So Berkson has been a patient as well as a doctor and comes to the table with compassion for your situation as well as a fierce understanding that you should never take NO or TOO OLD for an answer.

How it works

Berkson’s work is all individualized. Her initial intakes take from one to three hours, depending on the complexity of your case. She then sits and ponders your unique situation and writes personalized recommendations and protocols. These may include diet, nutrients, neurotransmitters, recipes, possibly more testing, and recommendations for your personal medical providers. Berkson charges for her time with consults, writing notes, research and any other work associated with helping get you well.

You can work with Berkson by phone or in person at Berkson Health in Great Hills, Austin, TX, or by phone or Skype any where in the US and around the world. Berkson consults with patients and with your medical teams. If you need scripts you will need to work with your own medical providers and Berkson is glad to talk with them and make recommendations, for no fee.

You can work with Berkson by phone or in person at Berkson Health in Great Hills, Austin, TX, or at the Wiseman Family Practice in Cedar Park, TX.

FEES vary depending on time spent.


(if necessary)
(if necessary)

Test Results



15-minute $60

Short e-mails
(in beginning of service)


Extended Email
Freely throughout the month for personalized nutrition, information and motivation
$55 / monthly service

Fees at Wiseman Clinic appointments are reduced, but in-depth personalized intake notes are not included and less time is available for continued emails and phone calls.

Berkson spends much of her time teaching and writing and is seeing patients part-time. She does not take insurance. Labs orders are available through Quest but you are responsible for getting your insurance reimbursement.


A $150 fee (half of first hour new client fee) is expected at time of making an initial appointment to secure that time.
Canceling before 48 hours notice to Berkson Health returns $145 of these monies.
Cancellations within 48 hours forfeits those monies.
Cancellations of follow-up and return appointments will be charged a non-refundable amount of $35.
Berkson uses large blocks of time for consults. Untimely cancellations are problematic for her and for those who would have benefited by those time slots.