Hormones Redefined in Today’s Toxic World

Become the hormone expert! Testing hormone levels is not enough. Hormones rely on nutrients and gut health but are being damaged by hormone-altering-chemicals in food, air & water. Learn “in-depth” hormone know-how plus be entertained.
You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about hormones: how they work, we go over every single hormone and how they influence each other, you’ll learn how the rubber meets the road at hormonal “recepto functionality” and how today’s “toxic-isness” is threatening hormonal health in fetuses, infants, our aging population and life as we know it.


Learn about breast biomes & how unhealthy breast microbes lead to breast cancer. Learn about biomes throughout your body & how they cross-talk. Discover the role of food in breast & biome health!


This course contains 4 hours and 40 minutes of power-points and recorded lessons. It also contains a pdf on the breast biome and biome cross-talk along with citations.


Explore the emerging understanding of estrogen’s expanding job description. Estrogen is intimately involved in methylation, epigenetics, detoxification, fat cell integrity and more. Entertaining and evidence based for practitioners & smart patients.


This course is for practitioners as well as smart patients. It’s 4 hours and 15 minutes and it’s video lecture by Berkson with power points and one PDF.


Become an expert in keeping estrogen SAFE. Nature never does anything without a perfectly sensible reason. Estrogen has a “fail-safe” protector, called 2-methyoxyestradiol. Learn what it is, which foods boost it, & how it can be prescribed.


In this approximately 3.5 hour class of video and power-points (with recipes), you will learn more about the amazing role of 2 MEO—Nature’s intentional wonder child—designed and intended to keep us well.