Offer #1: Mentoring: A $1500.00 offer but for 24-hours, just $1000.00


  • One hour one-on-one working personally with Dr. Berkson going over your patient charts, she will say how she would approach your patient, and why, and you can learn in this “real life” method. You get to ask whatever you want! It’s maximizes your learning curve much better than sitting in a academic setting.
  • One morning per week at your convenience, for four weeks.
  • Learn unique clinical pearls that Berkson has gleaned from years of writing books, teaching CEU courses and being in practice for over 40 Add very unusual but effective tools to your practitioner tool bag.
  • Total price: $250 per hour
  • If you would like access to up to 10 emails that month for more Q & A, this is another $300. Total price is $1500.
  • If you sign up today, within 24-hrs of this Webinar, you get this one-on-one with a thought leader in functional nutrition, and up to 10 emails throughout that month, for only $1000.00!


“Dr. Lindsey Berkson has a razor-sharp intellect and has spent years developing a wealth of data that she has dug up and combined in all her research and books. I am an integrative physician dedicated to integrity and evidence-based science. Often when many smart doctors could not help heal a patient, I have referred these complex cases to Dr. Berkson. Inevitably, these patients are greatly helped. This is no small feat. She is very good at identifying causes of problems and using natural methods to set them straight.” “I have known D Lindsey Berkson since 1976. She is a doctor who knows biochemistry more than most MDs and trusts the body’s ability to heal more than more most NDs. She is at the top of my list of physicians I use to consult with for protocols. I respect Dr. Berkson for her brilliant integration of science and how to use nutritional research in ways most doctors have never considered.” “After seeing numerous doctors and receiving few results, I met with Dr. Lindsey Berkson. Dr. Berkson helped me to have hope for healing; it’s part of her motto “bodies are designed to heal.” She is so knowledgeable about a broad range of conditions. Unlike doctors that have a limited knowledge of only their own specialty, Dr. Berkson understands how the various systems of the body interact and she is up to date on current research in traditional as well as integrative medicine. She is thorough, friendly, and perhaps best of all, she is compassionate and truly understands pain and suffering. She has experienced her own illnesses, which have given her a humble and grateful heart. She is full of positive energy and is one of those people that just wants to do good and help people. I cannot recommend Dr. Berkson enough.  She is truly amazing.” “Berkson helped get at the cause of my severe iron deficiency problem during my pregnancy that even IVs were not helping. This allowed me to have a safer birth. She held an on-line conference call with my gynecologists that was a life saver for me. And my child. She is my go-to consultant. physicians.” “I have worked alongside Berkson for several years now. She keeps up with the literature like no other doctor and it’s the first time I can have a colleague/friend that we talk like scientists and docs one-on-one. She is my mentor as much as I am hers and I am double-board certified with a PhD. in nutrition. Berkson is also great with patients. And it’s atypical that she walks her talk to such a degree. All I have to do is tell people her age and they want to do everything Dr. Berkson advises.” “Berkson helped several of my patients with issues that no other regular or natural doctor could help with (insomnia, weight loss, brain fog) and the results were rapid, within weeks.” Dr. Berkson is a tireless giver and extraordinary healer. Dr. Berkson is a person of integrity that can be verified by her countless friends and healthcare colleagues across the US. She is a researcher and scientist and a sought after lecturer/teacher. She holds multiple degrees, certifications and has an experience base surrounding hormones, nutrition and digestion, second to none.

Offer #2:  Why You Want a Sexy Brain!

6 Modules/6 bonuses – online LIVE course with Berkson.

12.25 LIVE hours— chock full of pearls to help your brain soar! 

This is the only time Berkson is going to present this information live and in this format.


Course Full Price — $599

For 24-hours it’s $399.

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  • 6-module course with 5 BONUS specials.
    • Get your best brain possible.
    • The art of human connection is dying… rev yours up!
    • Texting, social media, pollution, 24/7 stress are attacking your brain and intimacy, learn how to win this war.
    • Be more connected with yourself and others.
    • Learn hormones and how they run your life and brain.
    • Learn LIVE with a hormone thought leader.
    • Learn how to one-on-one human connection with authenticity and all the brain benefits that nature intended.
    • Learn everything you ever wanted to know about hormones, brain health and detox and didn’t know who to listen to.


  • Get 5 bonuses, 6 modules, downloadable pdf’s and Q & A and all LIVE!
  • Berkson will not teach this course live again.
  • 25 hours of amazing information with a hormone diva that’s been in practice for over 40 years.
  • You will gain lots of pearls to have the kind of sizzle and brain you always wanted.
  • Berkson merges science with humor.
  • Check out her radio show: Berkson’s Best Health Radio.
  • A HUGE value for your $!


MONEY!!  Incredible value for your time and money. And fun!

  • At the full price value you are getting each hour of the 12.25 hours for $65/hr.
  • When you buy the discounted fee, you get each hour for just $40 per hour. Wow!

Love is under attack. Learn answers for you to achieve deep human connections and save your brain at the same time. Learn why you need to detox for healthier hormones. Hormones run your body’s Internet system. Don’t let your brain emails freeze. You will learn how texting and social media, as well as toxic pollutants, are creating human connection and sexual dysfunction in young adults. You will learn exactly what to do to protect your relationships and intimacy.

Who this is for? Men and women from 30’s through 70 years of age. Also cutting-edge pragmatic information for professionals such as gynecologists, psychologists, health coaches, health practitioners, and others. You will learn cutting-edge information on hormones, oxytocin, testosterone and estrogen and your hippocampus, how to down regulate genes that make you prone to Alzheimer’s disease, where exactly is the G-spot, B-spot and A-spot and why all the controversy.

This is a 360 degree primer of human connection and how to keep your hormones, brain and life sizzling for decades to come.

  • Be a great lover.
  • Have humming hormones.
  • Have a bright brain.
  • Have lots of energy
  • Learn how to make the opposite sex love your company.
  • Learn how to be present with yourself and others no matter how toxic today’s world can be. 

You will learn:

  • How to authentically connect with yourself and other people so you can shine at home, at work and in the boudoir.
  • Why nature wants us to have pleasure and connection.
  • How today’s world is affecting milestones of the human race.
  • You will learn the personalities of each hormone, how to test for them and what to do with those results.
  • Live with lots of Q & A.
  • You’ll get pdf. summaries of each module. 


  1. Why nature wants us to have sizzling sex and authentic human connection. But in today’s toxic environment, socially and pollution wise, love is under attack. Nature planned for great connection to keep our brain, relationships and even family lives, stable and healthy. This is life changing knowledge. You will reboot you ability to sizzle and connect with friends, family, and colleagues and never have brain fog again. You must protect yourself and add detox into your life. You will learn what is happening in the bedrooms around the world. You will learn how social media and texting are affecting human connection and creating more isolation. You will start to learn how to not be lonely again.
  1. The hormone language of love. Berkson will present unpublished data from scientists she worked with at Tulane explaining what hundreds of thousands of years of signaling of estrogen and testosterone teach us about dealing with the opposite sex. Learn how to be super successful in the workplace as well as in relationships and the bedroom. Venus and Mars are hard-wired. When you get how much this controls how each of us looks at life and interacts male and female, you can then be a super star in whatever life arena you choose to shine.


BONUS: Detox your hormones receptors to have a sexier brain. Learn why you will want to do the 10-day Sex Hormone Receptor Detox that Berkson uniquely designed based on effective fireman detox protocols published in peer review literature. Fire man are the most exposed human beings as they rush into burning buildings. Detox programs have been designed to bring their brains and lives back. Based on this Berkson has designed her 10-Sex Hormone Receptor Detox and now you will learn from her last several decades of research.

  1. Hormones and YOUR brain. Learn how hormones dictate how much your brain is available to be who you dream to be. Never have brain fog again. Learn were your physical soul lives and how to protect it and get it to soar.

Learn specific protocols of herbs and nutrients to protect your brain’s mitochondria. Learn which herbs and nutrients rinse out of your precious brain tissue, toxic heavy metals that compete for your mitochondria, cognition and happiness.


BONUS: 45 minutes of Q & A live with Berkson!

  1. Hormone Personalities and what this means for your life. Learn how to assess your hormonal imbalances, what tests to run and how to keep them balanced. Hormones run the physiologic Internet system of your body. You do not want your emails to freeze which makes you tired, unmotivated, and fearful and someone no one else wants to connect. Become a fully functioning fully alive human, no matter your age or diagnosis. Hormones rule and now you will understand exactly how. We will learn all the traits of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin and more.

BONUS:  Q & A to the max. Everything you wanted to ask about your brain, hormones and love life but didn’t know who to ask. Live!

BONUS: GUEST SPEAKER FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE mystery guest. More stunning information for you to have access to, about hormones and your brain, so you can soar.

  1. Sex starts in the gut – learn about the new “microgenderome” and how to keep your gut and hormones best friends. Learn the 5 tops secrets of having a healthy gut and hormone signaling. Learn many pearls about gut health, digestive enzymes, food, nutrients, zinc, zinc fingers, and more. There is a life long dialogue between your gut and your hormones. Learn what damages these conversations and what supports them. Very few doctors even know this information yet, out of Harvard.
  1. Connection – Learn how to get out of your head and into yourself and then into each other. Learn exact steps to being “present” within yourself so you can be authentically present with each other. Learn exact steps of being the best lover and most mindful human being than you ever dreamed possible. The more connected you are within and without, regardless of relationship status, the less lonely or depressed you will be, and the more content and happy you will find yourself.

BONUS:  Exact anatomical areas of the G spot, B spot and A spot. Based on science and clinical acumen. Women will learn how to make a man never want to leave. Men, make your women feel the most ecstatic ever. Great sex is a great relationship glue. Learn the exact to-do’s to do it amazing, all based on science combined with decades of successful clinical experience.

BONUS:  Hormone details. Learn about hormone levels, what they mean, what to do about them, what to test, how to test, the pro’s and con’s of each method, and much more.

Wow, wow and more wow!

  • If you are a health coach you will learn so much information to add to your tool bag you will be stunned and so excited.
  • If you are a regular person wanting to make your heart and cognitive dreams come true, you will be amazed at the helpful information you will learn.
  • If you are a practitioner you will gain a lot of information to help your patients soar, beyond what many other offices offer.
  • Berkson always has her finger on the pulse of what’s new, exciting and effective (not to mention FUN) in health care for the average brain.