This book provides vital information - exercises, essential nutrients, how to choose levels of homes, work with staff - all intertwined with a personal story offering insight, guidance and inspiration along this challenging journey. At the same time, this is a fun, new genre which combines FULL COLOR graphics with easy, gentle, reading. It will help thousands of struggling sons, daughters, husbands or wives, move through a family experience of dementia in a knowledgeable and loving way. Brother and sister, Denis and Lindsey Berkson, co-developed supportive exercises and nutritional tools to boost brain function and quality of life during their mother's dementia journey. This book is a touching, helpful guide for knowing what priorities to consider, how to get your loved one treated more effectively, and how not to go crazy yourself. Be inspired to have a gentler journey. Learn about the yoga of dementia for your loved one as well as yourself. Embrace facts effortlessly, not having to trudge through reams of heavy copy. An individualized page helps you archive some of the special words your loved ones say. My Mother Who Wore Her Purse as a Shoe is based on the time their mother put a purse on her foot, thinking it was a shoe. This defining moment inspired the name of this book. A must read for anyone with aging parents or loved ones! Learn, laugh and have fun all at the same time, even while dealing with a sobering topic.