• In 2020 there is no reason to be fearful of estrogen. Numerous cancer centers backed the re-analysis of the Women's Health Initiative showing that: - Estrogen protects against breast cancer. - Synthetic progestins promote it (though only slightly, but still significantly... more than chance). Estrogen Vindicated is Dr. Berkson's in-depth analysis on this research and the new understanding of the cause of breast cancer: tumor-initiating cells or cancer stem cells. These are the cells to figure out how to eradicate with effective interventions. No more debate. Be breast well. Don't put blame where it isn't. Download your copy today.
  • You will learn:
    • The new genderome and Venus and Mars in the gut
    • How testosterone and progesterone affect digestive enzymes
    • Which estrogen prevents and heals leaky gut
    • How oxytocin and estrogen receptor beta are in sync in the brain and the gut
    • How and why a healthy gut is a vagal gut
    • Gut microbiome/hormone cross-talk
    Dr. Berkson presented this in  November 2015 to doctors for CEUs. 
  • Hormone health is a huge part of keeping this second half of our life even healthier and more energetic than the first. This is a must-read book for women.

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