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7 Way to Really Protect Your Brain from Aging


The basic working unit of your brain is a neuron. It can also be called a nerve cell. It gets electrically excited to transmit information to a wide variety of cells through synapses. When this is humming, your brain is said to have a high state of neuroplasticity and you have no brain fog or brain diseases in your future. So you might think that the real deal of protecting your brain is protecting your neurons. But that’s not the case. The real protectors of your brain are glia cells that protect your neurons by feeding them proper substances. It always [...]

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3 Secrets to Having Gorgeous Skin (#20)


We all feel better when we look better, but how do we achieve gorgeous skin? Time outside is precious, but can be damaging to skin health and appearance. Learn about the two isomers (types) of metabolite equol that protect your skin along with an inexpensive nutritional secret that acts like a healthy daily microbrasion.

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Does all this anti-aging stuff work? (#11)


Today, many are living longer, but doing it with more disease and disability. At the same time, there are proven technologies to slow down the Mack Truck of Time and have a better, longer life. Learn about modern technologies to help you live younger, longer.

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6 Ways To Help Your Brain Fight Aging


The older you get the harder it naturally becomes to put the world around us in order. But the human brain adapts. At the end of this article you'll find 6 steps to help your brain adapt even better. In order to process the massive amount of information you receive daily—and  every day this amount is growing by leaps and bounds—your brain builds file cabinets. Brains categorize into physiologic files. This understanding comes from neuroscientists at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. They looked at the way brains categorize factoids into “cranial files” and how this capacity varies throughout phases of a lifetime. Younger [...]

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In Hollywood, the face you are born with is only the face you start with. Fun, to the rescue.


In Hollywood, the face you are born with is only the face you start with. In functional medicine, the body or disease you are born with, is only a starting point, too. Why? The body is designed to heal. Our genes are graciously and responsively designed by Mother Nature to “morph” based on our life “choices.” How we move through our days on this planet in our body and emotional suits has a robust part in our continuing evolution. Nature created us as co-creators. Vitamin F - Fun But it is not just our 3 E’s: eating, exercising and earning rupees [...]

In Hollywood, the face you are born with is only the face you start with. Fun, to the rescue.2019-02-01T12:36:39-06:00

The New Old By Devaki Lindsey Berkson


We all want to live longer and younger, but none of us wants to age. If you’re the one aging, move over, no one seems to want you. I’m in my 60’s. I didn’t realize how many examples of “age racism” and “the new old” I could and would bump into in just 24 hours. Mark drove us to midtown Austin. We just got the patent on our drug to treat difficult to heal wounds. We work with Dr. Jack Moncrief. Dr. Moncrief is honored as one of the seven men who have made kidney medicine what it is today. He [...]

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Add More Years To Your Life With 10-Easy New Habits


Moving keeps you living younger longer. I write books so this is challenging for me, too. I can’t think at my stand-up workstations like I can sitting on my bootie. But moving keeps you going; actually, new research proves it keeps you living longer and dying less prematurely. Minutes of moving, adds on years! Most people, as they age, move less. Today, even younger men and women in their 20’s and 30’s, can be velcroed to their chairs, computers and work stations. New amazing study! 3,000 people (50 to 79-years old) had activity trackers put on them (called “accelerometers” – sounds Star [...]

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Hormone Therapy Lowers Mortality, If You Stop…You Die? By Berkson


Grokking the new hormonal scene and the money trail: • A new “natural” hormone drug is in phase-3 trials. (Natural is commercial industry term for bio-identical). • It is the first “natural” hormone pharmaceutical—to be made by big Pharma rather than compounded by compounding pharmacies. • It is natural estradiol combined with progesterone. Oral. • It’s on the road to FDA approval. • This drug is called “Replenish”. • The REPLENISH Study and it’s published article in PubMed (NIH peer review site) was funded by TherapeuticsMD, Inc. • Many of the employees of TherapeuticsMD, Inc. were employees of the companies that [...]

Hormone Therapy Lowers Mortality, If You Stop…You Die? By Berkson2019-01-30T14:35:23-06:00

Best Anti-Aging Tools


Hormones tested, tweaked, individualized. These are the main signaling molecules protecting your brain and gut. Microbiome protected. Nutrients nestled well inside cells.... because you are digesting. Passions lived or attempted. Purpose driven. And sometimes lazy as hell. Life shared. God remembered. Moving no matter what. Being gentle especially on yourself. Speaking supportive SELF talk inside your own head. Finding a community that sees you, laughs with you, cherishes with you. If you have lost hope, find someone to help you find it. Hope re-found is an anchor for a younger perspective and spirit. And never ever ever give up.

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