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Functional Cardiology with Mark Houston, MD (#129)


Come join guest Dr. Mark Houston who will take you on a journey of your heart health that will leave you spellbound.Dr. Houston has been training medical doctors in functional cardiology for over 30 years including lecturing for A4M, the Anti-Aging Certification Course for MDs. Dr. Houston and Dr. Berkson are colleagues, they lecture together, they are friends, and Dr. Mark is also Dr. Lindsey's doc!As a renowned “iconic functional cardiologist”, Dr. Mark Houston is looking deeper under the “hood” of your heart than most heart or even hypertension doctors ever would. He has been in practice for 44 years bringing together the best [...]

Functional Cardiology with Mark Houston, MD (#129)2019-06-28T14:40:49-05:00

Ozone with Dr. Frank Shallenberger (#122)


Dr. Shallenberger is known as the "Godfather" of Ozone. Dr. Shallenberger's certification course on Ozone Therapy is the oldest and most comprehensive Ozone Therapy course in the Western world. Shallenberger has been giving this course every year since 1991 and has trained thousands of practitioners from all over the world.In this show you will learn:What is ozone?What are the different ways it is safely delivered into the body?How ozone effects or reboots mitochondria.The different health issues that are treated with ozone.The use of ozone for pain.Dr. Berkson’s healing eye journey using ozone. This is based on Dr. Menendez’s work. In several [...]

Ozone with Dr. Frank Shallenberger (#122)2019-06-28T14:40:55-05:00

Healing When It Seems Impossible with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, MD (#117)


Shiroko Sokitch MD is a physician who blends Chinese and Western techniques with a deeply spiritual and emotional blend to help patients with complex medical conditions finally get well. Dr. Sokitch worked as an emergency room doc but also went to acupuncture college. She realized that allopathic medicine was just one path and needed to be combined with more tools to help people with complicated conditions finally achieve brilliant wellness. Dr. S’s new book – Healing When It Seems Impossible – 7 Keys to Defy the Odds, puts all that she has learned into one place for you. In this interview with Dr. [...]

Healing When It Seems Impossible with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, MD (#117)2019-06-28T14:40:57-05:00

Biohacking – Molecules of Mass Destruction that “Drive Disease” and “natural answers” to beat them (#116)


Why do we get ill? What molecules lurk beneath the surface that act as the “molecules of mass destruction" that put your tissues at risk? If we could identify these molecules, and, if elevated, bring them down to optimal levels, would we reverse disease, pain, and even resistant obesity?This show takes an in-depth look at two main molecules that help initiate and propel diseases such as heart, kidney, diabetes, obesity and even cognitive decline. Research on these molecules, galectin-3 and TMAO,  comes from respected academic institutions and has been replicated and published in peer review literature.These molecules are the new terrain [...]

Biohacking – Molecules of Mass Destruction that “Drive Disease” and “natural answers” to beat them (#116)2019-06-28T14:40:57-05:00

Vertigo – How to Get Out of Your Dizzy Hell and How I Got Out of Mine. (#115)


Vertigo is life changing. It makes you out of sync with your world. Your balance is off. You get nauseated. Sometimes you get brain fog and can’t think. It’s scary, like an existential crisis. Sometimes even your taste buds change. What are the best action steps to take when you have a severe acute attack of nausea, dizziness which is sometimes accompanied by sudden hearing loss in one ear? This show takes you through personal experiences, debunks the myths, and gives action steps, interventional herbs, and more. We would be so appreciative if you would share the podcast on your social [...]

Vertigo – How to Get Out of Your Dizzy Hell and How I Got Out of Mine. (#115)2019-06-28T14:40:57-05:00

Hormones After 50 With Gynecologist Jack Monaco (#111)


    Dr. Jack Monaco is a board certified OB/GYN, anti-aging functional medicine MD along with a masters in nutrition. Dr. Berkson and Dr. Monaco were lecturing together at PCCA, sponsor of symposiums for pharmacists, MDs and NPs. It was a meeting of the minds immediately. This is a must-not miss show that will arm you with knowledge and hormone power. You get “in on” a masterful dialogue on hormones that will answers many of your questions! Dr. Jack is known for downloading complex information rapidly, making it very easy and very entertaining to grasp. As well as making it easy [...]

Hormones After 50 With Gynecologist Jack Monaco (#111)2019-06-28T14:41:00-05:00

Dr. Berkson’s”Bits & Pieces” Patient Tales (#104)


    In this episode Dr. Berkson shares stories of cases in which patients lives were improved and changed by looking at their condition with a new set of functional medicine eyes. You will learn about a rare cause of insomnia, called “nocturnal hypertension.”  You will be amazed that one cause of idiopathic infertility may be subclinical hypothyroidism, even if your TSH thyroid blood test is still within normal range. Did you know that sperm count and shape can “say” a lot about a man’s heath, even his risk for metabolic disease? You will learn about the concept of “hormonal hyper-excreters” [...]

Dr. Berkson’s”Bits & Pieces” Patient Tales (#104)2019-06-28T14:41:03-05:00

Functional Pediatrics with Dr. Sheila Kilbane MD (#81)


  Society is ever changing and so is pediatric medicine. The kids of today are different kids than from several decades ago. They are more ill. There is more childhood obesity, depression, autism and diseases that used to occur mainly in seniors.  For example, both types of diabetes, both 1 and 2, are steadily increasing in kids as well as mood disorders. Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends patients under pediatric care are infants through age of 21 years. A medical doctor who specializes in [...]

Functional Pediatrics with Dr. Sheila Kilbane MD (#81)2019-06-28T14:41:17-05:00

Dr Neil Nathan MD. Is Your Chronic Disease Due to Mold? (#66)


  Dr. Neil Nathan MD is one of the top American medical experts on mold toxin infections and eradicating them. Dr. Nathan has been in practice over 40 years and into taking a look at the link between serious chronic disease and hidden cases of mold (that often go undiagnosed for a long time) for 22 years. Dr. Nathan says many cases of Lyme or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that are not responsive to care, is due to an overriding ongoing mold infection that has not be identified or treated effectively. Dr. Nathan says that when he addresses mold and effectively heals [...]

Dr Neil Nathan MD. Is Your Chronic Disease Due to Mold? (#66)2019-07-30T08:10:01-05:00