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Vitamin D: Is too much dangerous? with Dr. Alan Gaby (#151)


Dr. Gaby is known as the “Father of Medical Nutrition”. His life’s work is the huge reference book: Nutritional Medicine, now in its second edition. This is a “must-have” reference with over 16,000 scientific citations on nutritional therapies. This book was written for healthcare practitioners but has also been extremely well received by the average person who wants to know what nutritional options are available for over 400 health conditions (even when most doctors don’t know about them). In this show you will learn: Is D a vitamin or a hormone? How sunlight, skin, liver and kidneys are involved. Blood tests for [...]

Vitamin D: Is too much dangerous? with Dr. Alan Gaby (#151)2019-10-31T10:21:38-05:00

Dr. Gaby’s Nutritional Medicine 2nd Edition


Dear Friends, I am writing to you today about Dr. Gaby’s second edition of his book, Nutritional Medicine—by far the best compilation of scientific information on the use of nutrition in medical practices. It has just launched and you will want to have this book in your personal library to serve you and those you love. Dr. Gaby and I have been friends since 1977 when we were both students doing our first rotation in integrative medicine with Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, the father of bioidentical hormones. Dr. Wright was sure Alan and I were a match made in heaven, so [...]

Dr. Gaby’s Nutritional Medicine 2nd Edition2018-08-01T21:42:08-05:00

Dr. Alan Gaby on Nutritional Medicine (#50)


  Dr. Alan Gaby on Nutritional Medicine Dr. Gaby discusses why and how he came to write Nutritional Medicine (Second Edition). This is an updated version of Nutritional Medicine (1st edition), which is a comprehensive textbook on the use of dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, and other natural substances for the prevention and treatment of more than 400 health conditions. Dr. Gaby is one of the world's foremost authorities on nutritional therapy. Dr. Gaby shares some of his favorite nutritional protocols from this work. This book has been widely acclaimed as the leading textbook in its field. It is meticulously documented and clearly written, combining an exhaustive [...]

Dr. Alan Gaby on Nutritional Medicine (#50)2019-07-30T08:23:48-05:00

Dr. Russell Jaffe – Part 2 (#48)


  Russ Jaffe MD PhD CNS is one of the fathers of functional nutritional medicine. Initially Dr. Jaffe was a coagulation specialist and also worked in regulatory medicine at the NIH. He heard of some alternative practitioners getting better results than many medical interventions. Being a Doubting Thomas and proactive on "rhoids" he went to check it out. Dr. Jaffe saw the many results of alternative care, like acupuncture. Due to his agile mind and spiritual nature, within time Dr. Jaffe became a moving force in integrative medicine himself. On this show, Dr. Jaffe discusses the 8 predictive biomarkers that clearly identify future risk of disease.  These are available for self-ordering at under the [...]

Dr. Russell Jaffe – Part 2 (#48)2019-07-30T08:24:29-05:00

Don’t Reach for Acetaminophen but Magnesium Instead


Caution Acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol (and by the trade name Tylenol™), is found to have “more risks” than previously thought, especially at the high end of the standard recommended dosage stated on the label. And perhaps even at lower standard dosages if you take it along with certain supplements. Caution is now the watchword. More side effects of drugs we have come to respect and use with a “sense of safety” come to light daily. And at the same time we are made to be more fearful of nutrients, herbs and diets, when often, not always, they have a better [...]

Don’t Reach for Acetaminophen but Magnesium Instead2020-02-28T15:47:55-06:00