Dr. Berkson was a scholar at an estrogen-think-tank at Tulane University. There she worked with the top scientists in hormones and breast cancer. She is also a survivor of breast cancer and makes her remission her mission. She has helped thousands of women prevent breast cancer, or a recurrence once diagnosed.

At this free 2-Day Protect Your Breast Challenge, you will learn the difference between cancer cells and cancer stem cells.

You will learn which foods boost 2-methyoxestradiol (the natural anti-estrogen) and why you want to have healthy levels of this.

You will learn about breast massage with cancer fighting topicals and essential oils, not to mention the role of iodine and thyroid in breast protection.

You will learn about the good estrogen dominance that protects against breast cancer and which foods, herbs and nutrients you should take daily to maintain this.

Come sip a cup of green tea and enjoy exact to-do steps to protect your breasts and the breasts of those you love.

Once you sign up, you will get a link to go to a zoom webinar on Monday night at 7PM central time (8 PM Eastern, 6 PM Mt., 5 PM West Coast).