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Mentoring One-on-One with Dr. Berkson

  • Ready to Master Functional Medicine?
  • Have medical education questions you wish a seasoned expert could answer?
  • Want special clinical pearls that most functional practitioners don’t know?
  • Want to run a complex patient by someone with decades of experience of complex cases?
  • Want a deep dive with someone with 40 years of experience, said to be a “thought leader” in integrative care?

Now you can!

What some practitioners are saying:

“This is the best way to learn I have ever experienced. Berkson delivers!” 
Martha Bray NP, Advanced Health Clinic

“Dr. Berkson’s information is impeccable and so helpful with clinical insights that I never realized before and could use instantly.”
Dr. Grace Liu, PharmD, AFMCP, The Gut Institute

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my year of mentorship with Dr Berkson. She is truly different than most practitioners out there today based on her decades of personal and clinical experience. She has helped me to learn difficult concepts and has expanded my critical thinking skills. I am a better, more well-rounded hormone health coach today than I was before working with Dr. Berkson.” 
Maria Claps, Redefining Women’s Health Hormone Coach

Functional Medicine Mentoring

What you can expect:

  • You send in questions one business week ahead of time (8 questions for an hour).
  • Professional review of your patient cases.
  • You get to process concepts with someone who has been successful in this field many decades, worked with thousands of patients and been training other doctors for over 4 decades.
  • Learn new “science and clinical based protocols” for faster patient results.
  • You discover sophisticated nuances, such as hormone “hyper excreters”, nutrient tricks to keep hormone levels functioning optimally}, secrets for lowering SHBG, specific probiotics for specific protocols, differences between hormone delivery systems, pros and cons of digestive enzymes, what to do if everything you tried failed, what does pregnancy have to do with stomach acid, why you want to order parietal cell antibodies and more.


  • One-hour mentoring session (up to 8 questions) = $450
  • 4 sessions for = $1500 ($300 savings)
  • 8 sessions for = $2600 ($1000 savings)

There is no substitute for experience!

Dr. Berkson looks forward to passing forward all that she had learned over her career to YOU!

Contact Dr. Berkson to Schedule Your Mentoring Session(s) Today!