Dr. Berkson acts as a consultant and educator to people all over the world. 

Here’s what people are saying about working with Dr. Berkson…..

After seeing numerous doctors and receiving few results, I met with Dr. Lindsey Berkson. Dr. Berkson helped me to have hope for healing; it’s part of her motto “bodies are designed to heal.” She is so knowledgeable about a broad range of conditions. Unlike doctors that have a limited knowledge of only their own specialty, Dr. Berkson understands how the various systems of the body interact and she is up to date on current research in traditional as well as integrative medicine. She is thorough, friendly, and perhaps best of all, she is compassionate and truly understands pain and suffering. She has experienced her own illnesses, which have given her a humble and grateful heart. She is full of positive energy and is one of those people that just wants to do good and help people. I cannot recommend Dr. Berkson enough. She is truly amazing. 

Sherri L. Eastley, Senior Counsel, Pirkey Barber PLLC, Austin, TX.

When I received a cancer diagnosis, I was overwhelmed. Dr. Berkson devised a nutritional and supplement plan that was based on the diagnosis as well as other health issues I had. She also backed up these choices with medical studies. She worked with my doctors and even sent them 80 pages of studies. I’m delighted to say that I have lost 24 pounds in just a few months and haven’t felt this well in years! She checks in with me and provides yummy recipes. She is professional and warm and knowledgeable.

Karen Bauer, Uterine Cancer Survivor

We look at Dr. Berkson as our primary advisor to work along with our other doctor’s and to have her to compare to their “set of eyes” on issues surrounding our health. We want to be able to make better and best decisions and we hold Dr. Berkson as one of our major sources to accomplish this.

John and Jean Tomenac, Victoria Texas


Dr. Lindsey Berkson is a true professional in every sense of the word. I have been fortunate to work with her for many years and her knowledge, experience and caring heart have been invaluable in keeping me healthy. I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Berkson’s meticulous step-by-step guidance (nutrients, foods, enzymes, unique nutritional dermal topicals for breast health, and advice on strategic HRT) in my recent bout with a serious illness. Her knowledge helped me fight it and win it, without surgery and regular drugs. I will continue to refer her services every chance I get.

Brenda Starr

Realtor/Consultant/Senior Real Estate Specialist, Austin, TX

Dr. Lindsey is meticulous about running all kinds of tests (adrenal, cortisol, food allergies, even a stomach acid test!) so she can address my ailments with laser precision. She’s always up on the latest research, and she remedies the root causes of my ailments with natural supplements and healing foods, not drugs that have dangerous side effects.Æ

Trevor Justice

President , www.veghealth.com

Your passion/enthusiasm, conviction and pure knowledge come through beautifully. Thank you, Dr. Berkson, for your contribution in helping us to understand what we need to know to keep our bodies strong, vital and healthy.

Lori Mueller

Owner, Mueller Homes, Inc. Riverside, CA.

Berkson has been a consistent support for my nutritional decisions for years and helped with a life-long gut issue.

SA Barbados

During your first consult with me, you started me on a journey to learn about how nutrition affected me. That has certainly reversed the sharp decline in my wellbeing (I’m in my 80’s). It also stimulated my innate curiosity and feels like it’s extended my “well” years. You and Doc Block share the blame for that.

Jerry McNeil Tulsa


Hi Dr. Berkson! I just want to tell you that the detox you had me do did wonders for me. I have suffered with severe cystic acne that no medicine could cure and even bled freely so I had to wear Band-Aids for years all over my back and chest. My skin has now so greatly and quickly improved. And I used to have so much trouble being regular especially when I traveled. But no longer. I am now very regular and with less tummy irritation and heartburn. That detox is awesome. Thanks a bunch! I am so glad I met you! Love your way.

Marta Rivera

Fredricksberg, TX.

I first saw Dr. Berkson when I was in my mid 80’s and had been on benzodiazepams to help me sleep for over 40 years. I never felt right felt during the day because of them, but couldn’t make it through the night without them. Also, every morning, for 45 years, I sneezed and blew out large amounts of dark material that none of the many nose and throat doctors I saw, or the antibiotics they gave me, could cure. This nose clearing process took a half hour of every morning for 4 decades.
“Dr. Berkson had me bring in the material in a plastic baggie and was the first doctor to send it out to a lab and get it tested. We discovered it contained multiple fungi. She worked with her team to eventually find the proper anti-fungal medication that had to be compounded.
Oral progesterone only worked once we got my digestion in line, and then for the first time in my adult life I am now able to sleep deeply and restoratively throughout the entire night without medication. I wake up rested and energized. At my age!
“After we got my body together, Dr. Berkson then said there was more. She recommended I try a pedicure for the first time in my life and get more into my “feminine” as she called it. I had never had one. Now, I don’t even feel put together without my “paws and claws” done, as she so sweetly refers to it.
“I am now close to 90 years old but I tell Dr. Berkson that I feel better than I have in my entire adult life and I attribute it all to her and her teamwork with Dr. Block. We are so lucky to have them. Everyone else just treated me like an old lady. I feel like I now have many good years yet to come. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn’t had the good fortune to work with them both.

Carol Chappell

Tulsa, OK.

Thanks again for all your help. I am very optimistic about what we discussed today. I went home and researched your preliminary diagnosis, and I was amazed because the adrenal dysfunction sounds just like me. I am so excited to have a plan, and thank you for your generosity for someone in a pinch like me. I’m sure you are right about the state of healthcare and it looks like I will have to keep being diligent in advocating for my health and searching out resources. I am so glad to have found you and once again thank you for listening to me and helping me get moving in the right direction.

Mamie Carson

Round Rock, TX

Dr. Berkson helped get at the cause of my severe iron deficiency issue during my pregnancy that even IVs were not helping. This allowed me to have a safer birth and more energy to deal with my new baby. She also worked beautifully with my physicians.



Dr. Wiseman, I LOVE Dr. Berkson!!! Thank you for recommending her. I’m feeling amazing and in such a short period of time!

Christina Bell

Austin, TX.

Dear Dr. Berkson, I just finished reading your books Safe Hormones, Smart Women and Retraining Your Tongue, and thoroughly enjoyed both. I’m going to now go through and making notes of the recipes so I can get my act together and eat more healthfully! What I particularly liked about your book is that you spelled out what types of food we need to be eating and gave examples plus great recipes. Your book gave a “hands on“ approach to follow! Back in my early 30’s, I went to a nutritionist to get ideas for healthy eating and she only gave me one recipe! I cannot tell you enough how excited I am about your book. Thank you for all your help & for being you! God Bless!


a fan from far away but close in heart

Lindsey Berkson zeroed in on my problem and gave me tools to get at the core of what I needed to do to love my life and body again. She knows cutting-edge information that my other doctors didn’t know. I feel glad I found her.


Co-founder , TV Media Company, Los Angeles

I have researched nutrition and natural healing as a way of life for many years due to my own digestion issues. Dr. Berkson’s book, Healthy Digestion the Natural Way, was and still is my favorite book amongst many on this subject. I am now in excellent health and free of any health issues. Also, Dr. Berkson’s book was my sister’s favorite book, while struggling to survive through 3rd and 4th stage colon cancer. Because the cancer was not discovered until the third stage and was spreading through her body, my dear sister, unfortunately, didn’t make it and passed away. But Dr. Berkson’s book has a spiritual side that besides the nutritional information, was soothing to her through this journey. Healthy Digestion the Natural Way is truly the best on this subject! I’m her fan!

Maureen F.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU DR. LINDSEY! You save the lives of a lot of people, you’re more than a doctor: you’re a miracle doer! When I sent you my friend with cancer who was broke, you spent several hours on the phone with her discussing nutritional options and just calming her down. Plus, you agreed to take grass fed beef for payment. You have the heart and brains of a true healer. Thank you!

Sandra Casbeer

Business Entrepreneur, Johnson City, TX

I loved the gluten webinar. You are such a good speaker. I learned so much. It was not too technical but technical enough. I love facts and figures. I am always amazed at how much research is being performed which is validating what some of us have known all along. Thanks for all you do. Have a beautiful day!

Betty Tulsa


Dear Dr. Berkson, Just wanted to send you a quick “Thank You” note for your important and very helpful book Safe Hormones-Smart Women, and your ongoing efforts to promote women’s health. I am just entering early pre-menopause at the age of 39. I have been pretty thrown and a bit shocked to realize this big change is upon me so early. I am a very healthy, super active, really fit woman and I did not expect to have to deal with menopause till at least my 50s! But, when it finally dawned on me this year that yes indeed this is happening to me now, I started looking for information to help. I found your fantastic book Safe Hormones-Smart Women during my search for guidance and support for some of the unexpected symptoms I was experiencing. Your book and the really thorough information on female hormones, how they function in my body, and the tips for helping to balance my hormones was not only enlightening, but also very comforting. Thank you so much for the really wonderful work you have done and continue to do to help women support our health throughout our lives.

Suzanne Skadowski

Hi, Dr. Berkson. I’m so excited to get started and feel fabulous again. I’m so grateful to have found you and to work with you and learn about gluten. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bless you with all things wonderful.

MGL Loredo


Hi Dr. Berkson. You probably don’t remember me, but years ago, maybe 8 years ago, I called to get your help on an acid reflux problem I was having that was seriously affecting my life. I was reading your book Healthy Digestion the Natural Way. So I called you and told you I didn’t want to take medicine. You save me! You identified my food allergies and gave me herbs to heal the lining of my esophagus. I have never had the problem since. I don’t know if I ever said “Thank You.” So I wanted to now. I’m so glad I found your book and had the courage to call you.

Debbie Henson

I had severe GERD and heart burn that was so painful and occurring every single night, it was effecting my whole life but especially the new love life in my brand new marriage. Doctors only recommended heavy-duty proton pump inhibitors and I heard they are linked to heart murmurs and I already had issues in that area. You found out that I was allergic to gluten and dairy and going off those eliminated the heart burn immediately. The hormone mixture you got my doctors to reluctantly give me by adding heart protective factors, has given me so much energy I am now sailing around the world. Thanks.


Austin, TX.


I have known Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson since 1976. She is a doctor who knows biochemistry more than most MDs and trusts the body’s ability to heal more than more most NDs. She is at the top of my list of physicians I use to consult with for protocols. I respect Dr. Berkson for her brilliant integration of science and how to use nutritional research in ways most doctors have never considered.

Dr. Barry Taylor

Naturopath, Founder of the New England Family Health Center and author of Love Your Body.

I have worked alongside Berkson for several years now. She keeps up with the literature like no other doctor and it’s so refreshing to have a colleague/friend where we talk like scientists and doctors one-on-one. She is great with patients. She walks her talk. All I have to do is tell people her age and they want to do what Dr. Berkson advises.

Jerome Block

MD, founder of Integrations Health Center, Tulsa, OK, host of “All Things Medical, author of The Doctor Within

Berkson helped several of my patients with issues that no other regular or natural doctor could help with (insomnia, weight loss, brain fog) and got results within weeks.

Dr. Staffel

host of “Your Smile Matters” in San Antonio, TX.

Dr. Lindsey Berkson has a razor-sharp intellect and has spent years developing a wealth of data that she has dug up and combined in all her research and books. I am an integrative physician dedicated to integrity and evidence-based science. Often when many smart doctors could not help heal a patient, I have referred these complex cases to Dr. Berkson. Inevitably, these patients are greatly helped. This is no small feat. She is very good at identifying causes of problems and using natural methods to set them straight.

Christine Green

Infectious Disease and Hormone Specialist, Phoenix Rising Integrative Center, SF, CA

Dr. Lindsey Berkson is a phenomenon. Born under a hormonal caul, her mother had innocently, on the advice of her doctor, taken the first invented estrogen, DES. Turns out – oops! DES causes cancer in generations of daughters. Lindsey got breast cancer at an early age. Her response was to learn as much as she could about hormones and health as she was already on that path. She became one of the leading experts on the effects of hormone therapy. Acquiring numerous diplomas, including nutrition and chiropractic, the lack of an MD (Magical Degree) has nearly sidelined her in a world dominated mostly by male doctors. Nevertheless, her impeccable scholarship and prolific and accessible writings have opened doors for her in academic circles and among those seeking real answers.
In her soon to launch new nutritional gastroenterology book, which she hasn’t named yet but I read a prepublication copy, I learned something new on virtually every page, although I have been practicing integrative medicine for more than two decades. Thank you, Dr. Lindsey Berkson, for your tireless search for better, safer, cheaper and more effective ways for millions to achieve better health!

Carol L. Roberts

MD, Perlmutter Health Center, Naples, Florida

When you switch from a high-fat, meat-based, refined foods diet to a low-fat, plant-based, whole foods diet, you receive a double benefit. You reduce your intake of disease-promoting substances such as cholesterol, saturated fats, oxidants, and hormone disruptors and increase your intake of at least one thousand substances that help protect against heart disease, many forms of cancer, and other chronic diseases. In Hormone Deception, Lindsey Berkson makes a compelling case for another reason to avoid a diet rich in animal fats, as these are most likely to contain hormone disruptors. Highly recommended!

Dean Ornish

M.D., author of Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease and Love & Survival, Clinical Professor of Medicine

Dr. Berkson is a tireless giver and extraordinary healer. Dr. Berkson is a person of integrity that can be verified by her countless friends and healthcare colleagues across the US. She is a researcher and scientist and a sought after lecturer/teacher. She holds multiple degrees, certifications and has an experience base surrounding hormones, nutrition and digestion, second to none.

Dr. John Boren

Pres./CE Lordex Medical, SomaTrac, Brookshire, TX

Lindsey Berkson, in Hormone Deception, does a marvelous job of making complex environmental and health issues understandable. She writes with passion, wit, and understanding. Her book is one of those rare volumes that balances a need to ‘do something’ with the available scientific information. A timely and accessible treatment of the topic.

John McLauchlan

PH.D., Weatherhead Distinguised Professor and Director of the Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane and Xavier Universities.

Hormone Deception by Lindsey Berkson complements the evidence compiled by Theo Colborn and the authors of Our Stolen Future and extends it into the realm of human medicine. I spoke with Dr. Berkson in Arizona, and have great respect for her.

John R Lee

M.D., author of What Your Doctor May Not Tell You Series. (Dr. Lee and I lectured together in front of 3000 women in Phoenix, AZ.

When you switch from a high-fat, meat-based, refined foods diet to a low-fat, plant-based, whole foods diet, you receive a double benefit. You reduce your intake of disease-promoting substances such as cholesterol, saturated fats, oxidants, and hormone disruptors and increase your intake of at least one thousand substances that help protect against heart disease, many forms of cancer, and other chronic diseases. In Hormone Deception, Lindsey Berkson makes a compelling case for another reason to avoid a diet rich in animal fats, as these are most likely to contain hormone disruptors. Highly recommended!

Dean Ornish

M.D., author of Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease and Love & Survival, Clinical Professor of Medicine

Fortunately, having laid out the problem, Dr. Berkson gives us solutions and practical measure we can all take to protect ourselves and our families from “hormone disruptors.“ This combination makes Hormone Deception one of the most valuable health books of our generation.

Johnathan V. Wright

M.D., author of Natural Hormones

A wake-up call for the 21st century similar to Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring! Hormone Deception is absolutely essential reading for everyone who wants to reduce their exposure to the unsuspected new breed of toxins in everyday life – hormone disruptors. These hormone mimics can have insidious side effects and unbalance our natural hormones.

Ann Louise Gittleman