Dr. Berkson is a thought leader and scholar in functional hormones, nutrition and digestive health. Berkson’s career spans almost four decades of research, clinical practice, authorship, teaching, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical investigation, and her own experience as a patient.

Berkson has been in on functional nutrition since its inception. She has worked together with many integrative leaders such as Jonathan Wright, MD (with whom she collaborated on a natural HRT) as well as Drs. Alan Gaby, Leo Galland, David Brownstein and Jack W. Moncrief, and scientists like John McLachlan PhD and William Toscano PhD.

Berkson’s deep understanding of nutritional endocrinology and gastroenterology has led her to teach that hormones lean on nutrients, which lean on digestion.
You need to have all three pillars — hormones, nutrients, and digestion — functioning optimally for you to overcome illness and to keep your brain, energy and hopes soaring for years to come.
Berkson recently had original research with the University of Texas Medical School at Houston on dialysis and nitric oxide, published in a peer review journal. Berkson has collaborated on a drug for diabetics and dialysis patients with one of the co-inventors of the home dialysis unit. Free Radic Biol Med. 2013 May;58:46-51. doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2013.01.020. Epub 2013 Jan 29. Acute effects of hemodialysis on nitrite and nitrate: potential cardiovascular implications in dialysis patients. Bryan NS1, Torregrossa AC, Mian AI, Berkson DL, Westby CM, Moncrief JW. Author information Abstract Cardiovascular mortality in dialysis patients remains a serious problem. It is 10 to 20 times higher than in the general population. No molecular mechanism has been proven to explain this increased mortality, although nitric oxide (NO) has been implicated. The objective of our study was to determine the extent of the removal of the NO congeners nitrite and nitrate from plasma and saliva by hemodialysis, as this might disrupt physiological NO bioactivity and help explain the health disparity in dialysis patients. Blood and saliva were collected at baseline from patients on dialysis and blood was collected as it exited the dialysis unit. Blood and saliva were again collected after 4-5h of dialysis. In the 27 patients on dialysis, baseline plasma nitrite and nitrate by HPLC were 0.21±0.03 and 67.25±14.68 μM, respectively. Blood immediately upon exit from the dialysis unit had 57% less nitrite (0.09±0.03 μM; P=0.0008) and 84% less nitrate (11.04 μM; P=0.0003). After 4-5h of dialysis, new steady-state plasma levels of nitrite and nitrate were significantly lower than baseline, 0.09±0.01 μM (P=0.0002) and 16.72±2.27 μM (P=0.001), respectively. Dialysis also resulted in a significant reduction in salivary nitrite (232.58±75.65 to 25.77±10.88 μM; P=0.01) and nitrate (500.36±154.89 to 95.08±24.64 μM; P=0.01). Chronic and persistent depletion of plasma and salivary nitrite and nitrate probably reduces NO bioavailability and may explain in part the increased cardiovascular mortality in the dialysis patient.   Med Hypotheses. 1991 Dec;36(4):356-67. Osteoarthritis, chiropractic, and nutrition: osteoarthritis considered as a natural part of a three stage subluxation complex: its reversibility: its relevance and treatability by chiropractic and nutritional correlates. Berkson DL. Abstract It is proposed that chiropractic and nutritional treatment contribute to the amelioration and perhaps reversal of osteoarthritis (OA). It is further proposed that the chiropractic manipulative thrust, is in effect, treating dysfunctional bio-mechanics of joints, affecting positive cartilaginous change. The pathophysiology and multi-factorial causes of OA are reviewed. New interpretations of the literature surrounding OA are discussed which offer arguments for OA’s treatment and reversal through chiropractic manipulation and nutrutional support. Presented is a new model of the chiropractic concept of subluxation (abnormal joint complex resulting in fixation or decrease in normal range of motion) and the chiropractic manipulative thrust. The associated histologic correlates are also discussed. A review of the literature of anti-inflammatory and muscle/joint complex supportive nutrients appropriate for OA is presented. Finally, a complete treatment protocol for OA is summarized.   Am Fam Physician. 1995 May 1;51(6):1401. Nitroglycerine patches for brown recluse spider bites. Burton KG. Berkson DL
Berkson wrote one of the first books on endocrine disruption, Hormone Deception (McGraw-Hill 2000), and based on this work was invited to be a hormone scholar at an estrogen think tank at Tulane University. There she got to work and study with thought leaders on estrogens in health and the environment. Berkson wrote the only women’s reference guide on hormones, nutrition and 225 health conditions Natural Answers For Women’s Health (Simon & Schuster 2001). Berkson wrote one of the breakthrough books on the science behind bioidentical hormones Safe Hormones, Smart Women (2010 Awakened Medicine Press).
Berkson’s Healthy Digestion the Natural Way (Wiley & Sons, 1998) was the first book on the mind/body/nutrition/gut link and has been a best seller for many years. It is presently used by the esteemed American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine as the basis for their nutritional gastroenterology module to train medical doctors to become integrative, holistic doctors. Berkson’s Foot Book (HarperCollins 1981) sold over half a million copies in the early 1980’s and was one of the early books combining hands on techniques with mind/body/nutritional techniques.

Berkson wrote SEXY BRAIN – how sizzling intimacy and balanced hormones prevent Alzheimer’s, cancer, depression and divorce, a breakthrough book introducing the public to the modern problem of “environmental castration.” This book also recommends natural solutions such as hormone health, nutrition and the new 10-day Sexy Hormone Receptor Detox.

Berkson was a collaborator for Body, Mind & Spirit (Stephen Greene Press 1979), a compendium with a group of Vermont medical doctors, and the first time this now famous phrase was coined.
Berkson has been teaching physicians of all licenses at relicensing seminars since the late 1970’s. She continues to teach MDs, pharmacists, NPs, higher board certified nutritionists, NDs, chiropractors, and the public. She’s lectured at the prestigious PCCA, the compounding pharmaceutical institution that trains functional practitioners, as well as for A4M, the largest functional medical program for MDs reaching doctors in over 120 countries. Her book Healthy Digestion the Natural Way was the basis for a gastrointestinal program for A4M. She formulated the first natural menopause product and women’s line for Metagenics in the early 1980’s and has been researching nutrition and herbs for decades. Berkson has been a radio talk show host for many years. Presently Berkson hosts Dr. Berkson’s Best Health Radio that discusses paradigm-shifting ideas related to human health. She often interviews top scientists and physicians that are changing the perspectives of medicine.
Berkson’s mother was one of the millions of women given the most powerful synthetic estrogen when pregnant with Berkson, which turned out to be a horrifically, harmful and carcinogenic drug. Berkson’s mother was given both injections and oral meds during the first, most vulnerable trimester and Berkson had to live with the consequences much of her life. While Berkson was writing Hormone Deception, she noticed that many of the side effects produced in animals and humans exposed to DES in the womb that she was researching, were the exact same issues she had battled throughout her life. (DES is the model compound to test environmental estrogenic pollutants, like pesticides and plastics.)
Berkson sent away for the microfiche film of her mother’s birth records. To her absolute astonishment, Berkson learned, while writing one of the very first books on endocrine disruption, that she herself was a victim of the main story surrounding it. She never expected that writing this book would unveil her own health legacy; that she was one of the very victims that she was in fact writing about!
Diethylstilbestrol was prescribed to pregnant women from 1938 to 1971. All this damage unfolded even though DES’s link to breast cancer had been known since the early 1040’s, and… kept purposely hidden. Dartmouth proved the DES-breast cancer link and in the last few years the first DES daughters have started to receive monies for these damages.

Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson has lived much of what she writes about and has learned a lot of medicine from the inside out. Much of medicine is based on drugs and procedures. Often these put you at risk of side effects like poisoning critical enzyme pathways that you aren’t aware of (and perhaps even your doctor isn’t). Most often these do not address the root causes of your issues nor aim to get you finally and completely well!

Diethylstilbestrol was prescribed to pregnant women from 1938 to 1971. All this damage unfolded even though DES’s link to breast cancer had been known since the early 1040’s, and… purposely hidden!

Berkson wants you to have the know-how to see your life still strong and long ahead of you, no matter your age, issue or diagnosis.

Dr. Berkson Uniquely Offers

3 decades of in-depth experience in figuring out complex cases
3 decades of testing, balancing, teaching and writing about everything hormonal, nutritional and digestive.
Awareness of critical details you learn when you teach and write books, that many other practitioners are often not aware of.
An unusually strong foothold in academia and research as well as having been a practitioner.
Empathy from having also been a patient.
The ability and desire to spend “time” with her clients and make herself available for questions and tweaking (within reason.)
A spiritual background and values the body/mind/spirit connection.
Motivation and inspiration as well as recommendations
A practitioner that walks her talk and has for many years.
360 Degree Hormone Expert