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Blog post - Theory of How We Got Here With Covid

Theory of How We Got Here With Covid

The Lonely Brain

A Look at a Lonely Brain

Dr. Lindsey Berkson Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism in Pregnant Mothers Linked to ADHD in their Children

Issues for Tissues – Don’t Be Nonchalant About Steroids

Self Compassion – Berkson Blogette (#8)

Coffee Perk for Women – Berkson Blogette (#7)

Coronavirus Update & Integrative Natural Considerations

Hormones Help You Avoid Type-2 Diabetes & Keep Your Waist Thinner

We Are What We Eat – Berkson Blogette (#6)

Better Listening Helps Find the Root Cause – Berkson Blogette (#5)

Clean Labels Project – My Opinion

Stuff Happens – Berkson Blogette (#4)

Beware of Antibacterial Mouth Wash – Berkson Blogette (#3)

Why It is Critical to Identify and then Eradicate Stomach Bugs – Berkson Blogette (#2)

Gluten: New Test on the Horizon – Berkson Blogette (#1)

Pomegranates, Cholesterol, Hormones & Cancer

Earlier Menopause Happening To Modern Women

teen girl with orange flowers in background

Is Your Daughter At Risk of Earlier Puberty and Later Breast Cancer? Reproductive Milestones (and Hormones) Are Under Assault

Ways to sleep better, stars, moon woman sleeping, woman awake

New Ways To Sleep Better – Especially After 40

Game Changers Interview Dave Asprey

Want to be a “Game Changer” and win at life? Dr. Berkson’s Interview with Bulletproof’s AMAZING Dave Asprey!

Can You Have Dysbiosis Up Your Nose?

A2 Milk: What YOU Should Know About It As It’s Coming To Your Grocery Stores Soon

Heavy Metals In Your Baby’s Prenatal Vitamins? 5 Steps for Protection While Taking Supplements

Why Do We Hate Older Women and Three Steps To Stop It!

5 Ways to Reduce Tomato & Strawberry Food Allergies

How you make and keep your microbiome healthy.

Estrogen + Exercise + Fish Oil Regenerates Your Heart!

Safe Gardening & Yards: Glyphosate Danger & 14 Glyphosate Facts

Guns & Anger: Is hormone disruption part of America’s problem?

What Air And Sitting Do To Your Hormones And 4 Strategies to Protect Your Estrogens.

Sugar Shockers & Scams

Your body loves blue food. So does your vagina. Especially if you’re being treated for cervical cancer. 6 of my favorite protective blue food ideas.

Birth Control Pill Package with Female outline and heart with breast cancer ribbon

Birth Control Hormones Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer And More!

Food Rules Mood

What’s In Your Vitamins? Part I

Losing The CARE In Healthcare & How Medicine Lost Its Way (Especially Regarding Natural Answers for Diseases)

Belly Fat and Brain Volume

Bigger Belly Fat, Smaller Brain Size & The Shocking Link of Mindfulness (15 Action Steps)

A web of evidence for a vicious circle of fat. 15 Sophisticated & Effective Steps to Break this Cycle.

Melt In Your Mouth Pumpkin Pudding (sugar free, dairy free, GF, & taste FULL)

Antidepressant Mess: Significantly Increased Risk of Earlier Death!

7 Reasons Nature Wants You To Eat Color-Coordinated Blue Foods

What’s in your chicken? How non-organic chicken contributes to hormonal issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome, breast cancer and more!

A simple way to help someone else live longer

9 Ways Walnuts Gift You Health and A New Way They Act Like A Probiotic! Plus 2 Cool Walnut Recipes

10 Signs Your Brain is Aging Rapidly and How to Reverse It

5 Things I Do Every Day To Not Get Breast Cancer Back

Bulletproof and Berkson

To artificially sweeten or not to sweeten, that is the question! Learn 7 benefits of stevia (and a few pitfalls!)

Oxytocin – nature’s plan for your pleasure and family stability

8 Unappreciated Causes & Fixes For Asthma

Magnesium: A Simple Fix For Depression?

How Mighty Broccoli Sprouts Fight Type-2 Diabetes & Are Protective Liver Shaper-Shifters

An Herb That Balances Hormones + great tasty recipe

Zinc Lozenges Shorten Cold Time, But Not All Zinc Is Equal (How to gain a pound of wisdom)

Statins Up Your Risk Of Spinal Disease (It’s time to stand up for your own health)

Leaky Brain, exactly how to fix it & busting the myth of vegetable vs. fish omega-3’s

Eating & Exercise Timing To Lose Weight

A WARNING: Don’t take NSAIDs during pregnancy!

10 Tips for Avoiding “Obesogens” and Keeping Weight Off

Your Son’s Brain & Emotions Are Under Toxic Attack

Can Your Smart Phone and Social Media be Ruining Your Sex Life?

Dr. Gaby’s Nutritional Medicine 2nd Edition

The Lies of Type-2 Diabetes And The Power of NO FOOD

8 Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Texting is the New Talking

Introduction to Progesterone – Part 1

The Air You Breathe Is “On-Fire”

Berkson’s seed-only muffins with mac pudding on top

Valentine’s Blog – Getting Love RIGHT

bone broth dr lindsey berkson

Shadow Side Of Bone Broth (Our Environment Is Part Of Our Food)

Power of food 2: Special Diet Puts 100% of Pre-Diabetes Into Remission!

7 Way to Really Protect Your Brain from Aging

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About “Natural” Progesterone

Sugar is Worse For Your Heart Than Salt

The Melatonin Insulin Link

The Unjustified Fear Of Estrogen

The Growing Iatrogenic Epidemic

Pancreatic cancer hope

Estrone – A Most Maligned Estrogen

How To Take Antibiotics and Probiotics Wisely

Don’t Trust All Medical Headlines – A case for smarter cynics

Everyday Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Disrupt Vitamin D Levels Plus 5 Tips for Pregnant Moms to Protect Unborn Babies

8 Benefits of Fermented Foods

Call For Green Pregnancies And Brain Friendly & Unfriendly Fish That Pregnant Women Should Eat Or Avoid

6 Ways To Help Your Brain Fight Aging

Dementia – the gut, endocrine disruptors and detox

1st randomized/controlled study of oral birth-control shows synthetic progestin + estradiol can decrease desire, arousal, pleasure in some!

Steps to Slow Skin Aging & New Science About Soy, Eggs & Skin Protection

Steps to Slow Skin Aging & New Science About Soy, Eggs & Skin Protection

What happens when we eat? (if there’s a hidden parasite) By Berkson

Epigenetics, Hormones & Hope

10 Reasons Younger Men Have Less Healthy Testosterone by Berkson

10 Truths About Sugar by Berkson

Fallout for kids with cancer By Berkson

Drugs that Shrink Brain Volume by Berkson

Knee ergonomics (simple knee fix) by Berkson

4 Steps To Protect Your Kid’s Wnt Genes And Why You Want To by Berkson

24 Steps To Gain Control Over NO FAIR FAT by Berkson

Resistant BELLY FAT by Berkson

Walnut Pate’ For Cancer and Brain Protection by Berkson

OXYTOCIN The New Hormonal Kid On The Clinical Block

4 Steps To Protect Against Early Colon Cancer by Berkson

6 Steps to Reducing Your Families Pollution & Risk of Disease by Devaki Lindsey Berkson

Are Your Kids in Pharmaceutical Danger?

Meditation makes us less reactive and more successful in life, in relationships with others and ourselves, and promotes a happier pair of sunglasses through which to see the world. By Berkson

Plastics in your make up and nail polish? By Berkson

Can kids smoking pot go to pot? By Berkson

Should you be egg-o-phobic? By Berkson

FOOD PORN! Worst fast foods at fast food restaurants! By Berkson

Consciousness by Devaki Lindsey Berkson

Recipe Brown Rice Flax Pasta with Browned Zucchini and Garlic By Berkson

The Birthday Gift of Resilience and Brain Plasticity By Berkson

Daily Gratitude by Berkson

Energy Breakfast by Berkson

Secrets of Centenarians By Berkson

3 Daily Must-dos To Protect Your Gut And Brain By Berkson

Five Ways Good Gut Bacteria Stay Good By Devaki Lindsey Berkson

Deadly Heart Attacks Happening At Younger Ages 6 MUST-Dos To Keep Your Heart Healthy By Berkson

No Food Fanatics Wanted Inside Your Gut, Not Even Repetitive Green Drinkers By Berkson

Avoiding Sunlight Is The New Smoking? And what does this say about sunscreen? By Berkson

Why Aren’t We Living These 4 Necessary Steps To Stay Healthy? By Berkson

Part of Health is Drawing Boundaries By Berkson

Monotone Eaters Versus Non-Monotone Eaters By Berkson

Your Personal Power Is A Sacred Space, Don’t Give It Away By Berkson

Can we self-treat depression by counting our blessings (gratitude exercises)? What does science say?

Lose 2 pounds a month without trying by following these researched kitchen hygiene secrets!

Cancer cells are glutton for this, so it makes sense for you not to be. Why doesn’t your doctor talk to you about this?

Can kidney health improve? Can bad kidney function be reversed? Proof from Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers that food can reverse genes that make kidneys unhealthy.

Okay, what if you are in your mid-50s or 60s and have been a couch potato much of your life, how much and how long would you need to exercise to really get significant benefits and turn things around? Is it even possible in flabby-middle-age?

If you are on this widely-used medication, you now need to test your blood sugar every 6 months.

Are you on Valium or Xanax, a little here and there as you need it?

Are your antidepressant or sleep meds eroding your bones? Or is one of them helping? Which are doing what?

What drug are Americans clamoring to take, even though there are natural alternatives and hormone balancing to consider first?

We love our coffee, but if we partake in large dosages, it can rinse this vital nutrient out of our bodies and hearts. You MUST get enough of this put back into your body…

Vitamin S in health care? What is it and why do you need to know about it?

What may protect female breasts against cancer, improve semen quality in men, increase levels of melatonin, fight oxidative stress, that you can buy over the counter and it tastes great with a dollop of honey on it?

Now we discover that the brain contains an amazing “thing.” If a portion of the brain is taken out and put in a petri dish, this “thing” stays alive!

Women and aspirin… safe or not?

Happy Easter! A time of celebrating resurrection! By Berkson

If you have or had cancer, what’s been scientifically shown to turn ON the genes that turn OFF the potential deadly spread of that cancer throughout the body?

What can you do in mid-life (30s, 40s, and 50s) that, according science, has the best chance of warding off chronic disease when you’re older, and pushing back the Mack truck of time?

What is on movie theater popcorn that might make it hard for you to eventually remember the plot?

Which vitamin protects the lungs of your child?

Men need this female hormone, too!

Progesterone’s emergent novel medical applications—a revolution in health care!

What is the forgotten brain protector you must know about to safeguard your brain?

Secrets of Super-Ager 80-year-old brains, shown healthier by neuroimaging compared to the brains of folks 2-3 decades younger!

Should you pay more for organic foods?

Which foods lower blood pressure almost as effectively as medication, demonstrated by our old friend—data from the Framingham Heart Study of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institutes and NIH?

Our lives are dictated more by smell than we realize, but once again, as I have been writing for years, shape is also part of the issue

This research clearly demonstrates that modern fatness isn’t just a result of the ‘couch potato’ sedentary syndrome.

A Game-changing year for hormones

Daily aspirin might SERIOUSLY increase the risk of an aggressive type of age-related macular degeneration.

How we sleep may affect our perception of gratitude!

The mind follows sound.

Read labels, especially on perfume, make-up, and lipstick.

What your breathe in affects how you breathe out.

The Unappreciated Role of Hormones in the Gut

Honey, please pass the honey for that nighttime cough!

Can periodic fasting be a good idea? Can not lifting the fork to your face be cancer protective?

“Ugly” cholesterol comes from “ugly’”fat, and is a more dangerous factor that total or LDL cholesterol.

We are what our parents ate. by Berkson


In Hollywood, the face you are born with is only the face you start with. Fun, to the rescue.

New meds to mimic exercise?

Chemical Risk in Environment Contributes To Obesity and Diabetes

Wine Whine and Endocrine Disruptors? by Berkson

Do Not Take Bone Builder Meds and Acid Blockers At The Same Time

The mother of our health is our gut


The New Old By Devaki Lindsey Berkson

Soy Misunderstood—New Appreciation of Soy As Protection Against Endocrine Disruptors; especially relating to fertility and IVF


Add More Years To Your Life With 10-Easy New Habits

Opinions! Don’t get me started!

From Ergonomic Slut to Born Again Disciple

How to really feel good

Incredibly Healthy OMG Sirloin

Brains Love Calories


Waist Size and Colons

Recipe Fall Tofu and Exotic Greens

Rice Has Arsenic, But… FISH has more. Challenging to Eat Healthfully

Healing Angina with Food

Breast Cancer and Virus Link


Hormone Comedy Carlin-like Riff

You are what you eat… and so is your BRAIN. By Berkson

Full Circle Yoga Trip


Coffee and your heart, its PROS and CONS

Plastic and Breast Cancer Treatment by Berkson

Hormone Wars

Med Student Rallies

Recipe Fall Pasta Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo or Not

Hormone Therapy Lowers Mortality, If You Stop…You Die? By Berkson

Being Older Being Better?

Anyone Can Be Bad – be careful out there

Black Rice Has Anti-metastatic Breast Cancer Activity

Morning Gym



Indoor Pesticides and Your Kid’s Health

UP with Beets!  By Berkson  

Birth Control Pills and BPA Causing Girl Couch Potatoes

Perfume Factoids

Healthier Mustard

Did you know that when you loose weight you boost your immunity?

7 Steps to Turn Your Empathy Brain Back On


‎Diabetic‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ Neuropathy & ‎Marijuana‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

It’s not just food, but air you should care about

Up With Zinc by Berkson



Computer-Aided Digital Mammography Has Issues, so what now for our breasts?

How to Un-Sit


BPA and how your kid deals with stress

Berkson’s Call For GREEN PREGNANCIES (Detox prior to conception and/or birth)

Smile, The True Vitamin S.

Moment Yoga. By Berkson

Nutrients Love Fairy Tales

Pre-diabetic? Consider metformin or metformin-acting herbs. By Berkson

Type-1 Diabetes and the Gut

6 Actions of Vitamin D

My best birthday present EVER

FluShotGate – Flu Shot Recommendation Concerns

Life in Your Face

Best Anti-Aging Tools


How to Make Your Weight New Year’s Resolutions Succeed, instead of Fail by Berkson


Most ‎essential‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ vitamin? By Berkson

Lupus ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Nephritis Factoids

The True Vitamin C = Connection


Happiness and A Life Well Lived by Berkson

Hormones rule the brain


Recipe Walnut Pesto With Dairy or Vegan

Pre-diabetic? Consider metformin or metformin-acting herbs.

Hormone Mimics Damage Gut Microbiome Causing No-fault fat and T2diabetes – 7 Protective Steps You Can Take

End of an ERA Of Medicine

Sleep Performance Anxiety

Cancers in Kids Happens Earlier and Faster so what can we do?

Just diagnosed with cancer?  Or inflammatory disease?

Yoga in Jails Helps Bad Dads Be More Good Dads by Berkson

Loving Your Life is No Small Feat But Worth It

Happiness And Death

Parsley and Sophisticated Brains

The Bigger Picture And LSD

The Womb Under Siege and What This Means for Your Child’s Brain

Oxytocin protects muscles


The cleaner and greener your home, the healthier you and your kids

Blood Fats, Joints and Pain

Women Are More Complex and Vulnerable, Especially with type 2 Diabetes

Especially Dangerous Antibiotics

To Err Is Human

Food and Your Gut


Care Taking Your Brain’s Hippocampus (Your Memory Mojo)

Who do we listen to for health advice? Hopefully not only from the mouths of babes.By Berkson

Testosterone Replacement is Safe For Men (yet another study showing “protection” not harm)

Testosterone is not just for men; maleness protects femaleness

Sugar is Worse For Your Heart Than Salt; what exact two levels suggest serious (heart attack) danger?

Brain Protection by Buffing UP Your Mitochondria

Truth Is Funnier Than Fiction

No Time For Mindfulness? How to Fit It In.

Grateful Proven by Science to be Healthier!

Beware of Fake Data-it-is: an epidemic

Distinct Type of Depression (Brain Inflammation) and the “I Spot” in the brain that identifies it

Endocrine Disrupting Christmas Trees

Dr. Lindsey Berkson

drlindseyberkson on HEALTHY CHOICES radio

Big Pharma Hormone Conspiracy Exposed

Good-bye to Tulsa for now




Dating interview with Berkson on Sex and your Brain

No Fault Fat – hard time losing weight?


Pollution Causing Leaky Brain & Gut (even in kids) and 9 Steps to Protect Your Family

Pollution Causing Leaky Brain & Gut (even in kids) and 9 Steps to Protect Your Family

Testosterone Fears Unjustified

Belly Fat & Fatty Livers

Mediterranean Diet & Better Brains

15 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Many “Green Cleaners” Contain Biocides And May Be Causing Allergies and Contributing to Antibiotic Resistance

Brain and Diverse Infections/IQ Link

14 Fibromyalgia Considerations


Solvents, Fertility, Cancer, and Home Safety

DETOX before Conception to Save Your BABY’s BRAIN

PRE-DIABETES/INSULIN RESISTANCE TEST – we have all been waiting for

6 Ways To Have Your Aura Be Less Sticky

What happens when a family eats only organic food for two weeks?

5 Steps to Heal Metabolic Syndrome

Earlier Menopause Is Now Happening To Modern Women


4 ways maple syrup may help antibiotics

Magnesium is Nature’s Valium by Berkson

5 Reasons Why Breast Cancer Is On The Rise

8 Behaviors to Eliminate Depression

Never, Never, Never Give Up

Regular Use of Acetaminophen in Pregnancy May Lower Testosterone in Unborn Boys

Gut Aging Effecting Aging in General – the New “InflammAging” Theory of Aging

Swami Satchitananda On “Family”

We Are What We Eat And So Is Our Brain

Folic Acid vs. Folate

4 Major Ways to Protect Your Colon from Cancer

reasons for most happiness

Brain Size Matters


Alzheimer’s disease is now the new Type-3 Diabetes

PRE-DIABETES/INSULIN RESISTANCE TEST we have all been waiting for!


How to protect your lungs

Don’t Reach for Acetaminophen but Magnesium Instead

The Testosterone Wars

Chocolate, the healthy gift for Valentine’s!

Be gentle to hearts you meet…

Unhealthy Diets Shrink Brain Volume

Move by Berkson

Scientific Nutritional Step to Protect Against Colon Cancer or If You Have it, To Keep It From Spreading

Enlightening Interview with the doctor that coined the term/ concept “peri-menopause” — Dr. Steven R. Goldstein


Estrogen Naïveté Needs to Wake Up

Fish Oil and Prostate

Is fish oil and prostate a good or bad match?

Estrogen Naïveté Needs to Wake Up

Is fish oil and prostate a good or bad match?

Bioidentical Hormone News

Why is hormone resistance (inability to deliver the hormone’s message) on the rise?

What’s nuts about nuts: They reverse blood vessel plaque!

Who are all the players in a good night’s sleep?

Can glucosamine supplements be dangerous for your eyes?

Sugar and Sweat – our government’s report card on our health pollution

Hormones and MS, can hormone replacement help MS?

Hormonal Alerts – FDA says NO to non-hormonal hot flash med

Hormone Replacement NEW guidelines from the British Menopause Society — HRT is going mainstream again

How does pot smoking affect insulin and blood sugar levels? Be very surprised…

You need these watching your back, especially as you move into the 2nd half of your life.

Wild food for wild folks? Try sautéed dandelions; delicious spring detox for the liver!

The biggest addiction of Americans is what? And it’s harming our eggs and fertility!

Is your body living in a different time zone than the one you inhabit, and is this part of your depression?

Every step you take, every food you eat, affects your heart function, and rapidly, especially a Big Mac…

Do cell phones ruin our blood pressure and at how many calls a day?

What food can you inexpensively purchase at any market, which keeps hormones safe and makes ‘immortal’ cancer cells die?

How to Minimize BRCA Gene Risks for Some Women

What do women have over men, especially as they age?

Angelina Jolie’s Decision… comments on BRCA genes and taking charge.

What ONE TINY food acts like a medication to lower blood pressure?

What can protect our smartness as we age? And doesn’t take too much effort!

Which hormone and vitamin team up together in a melodic duo to protect brains and nerves, even in traumatic brain injuries or with aging?

Why our beloved has to smell good to us, not just look good to us!

What might you be breathing in or getting on your skin and nails that could cause early menopause, which doubles your risk of heart disease, bone loss, quality of life and can put a serious dent in your sexuality?

Your broken heart has a billable medical code. It can now be diagnosed, tracked and turned into insurance for reimbursement. So, be kind to those who share your life for a while, don’t break their hearts!

Whole grains contain robust amounts of the entire vitamin E family, called natural-mixed tocopherols. These boost, or upregulate, ER beta and JAM-A, production, too. Processed or refined grains, like white bread, white pasta and white rice, do not contain this ER beta boosting vitamin E family.

Leaky gut and perhaps even leaky brains, no longer merely functional medicine concepts, are now entering mainstream research. And, of all things, what do hormones and soy have to do with this?


Circadian and immune rhythms: a match made in heaven and a mismatch that manifests in disease?

How to keep a great scent (pheromones) even as you age, to overcome the newly recognized ‘posttraumatic de-scent disorder’!