Why Consult with Dr. Berkson?

  • Dr. Berkson specializes in medical nutrition for complex cases, hormone support, gut issues, and nutritional advice for seriously ill patients. She works with people committed to getting well, doing whatever it takes, and making positive proactive and often dietary changes in their lives.
  • There can never be any guarantees in healthcare. However, Dr. Berkson specializes in complex cases and many of her clients are doctors themselves. She is known for rapidly getting to the bottom of very difficult cases.
  • Dr. Berkson’s credentials: MA, DC, DACBN, ACN, hormone scholar, author of 22 books, published research in peer review literature with The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, formulator of nutraceuticals for physicians, collaborator on two patented medications (one for hormones, one for wounds for diabetics and immunocompromised patients).
  • Dr. Berkson has been in practice for four decades, has a podcast and teaches relicensing courses for MDs and other professionals, so she has a lot of experience to pull from to sleuth complex cases and find unusual. but effective ways to help you. 
  • Dr. Berkson mentors MDs, NP’s, pharmacists and other health professionals. She teaches unique clinical nuances and natural, effective, science-based protocols. You get all these benefits when you have an in-depth consultation, where Dr. Berkson focuses all that experience (and compassion) on YOU!
  • Dr. Berkson works with patients from all over the world.  
  • Dr. Berkson no longer acts as a primary care doctor. Your personal practitioners are welcome to sit in on your sessions if you and they would like to do so. 

Your First Visit

  • The fee for your first visit is $995. 
  • The first visit fee includes Dr. Berkson’s time to review your new patient paperwork along with any doctor’s notes and pertinent labs (no older than 6 months) before your first appointment, the initial appointment with recommendations, and strategies (phone consultation).   
  • First visit phone consultations are 1.5 hours. Some especially complex cases may go longer. Appointments that exceed 1.5 hours will be billed for the time exceeding 15-minute increments at $75 per 15 minutes. 
  • A non-refundable payment of $995 is due when you book your appointment to hold your spot. 
  • After making your payment to hold your spot, you will be contacted within a few days to schedule your appointment and will receive your patient intake forms. 
  • If you need to reschedule, it must be at least 36 hours before your appointment. However, if you reschedule within 36 hours of your appointment, any pre-payment amount which held your spot is forfeited.
  • If you are over 10 minutes late for an appointment. That visit is forfeited. Please make sure to stand by to receive your appointment call. 
  • Any appointments postponed and not completed within one calendar year will forfeit the appointment time and all payments for that appointment.   
  • A first-visit consult is required for all new patients and any existing patients that have not been seen for 5 years.

Follow-up Visits

Berkson Health recommends follow-up visits one time a month for monitoring based on your personal health case. (Payments must be made in advance of the appointment.)

  • Test Results: Dr. Berkson will have reviewed your results and will go over them in detail with you providing educational strategies based on the test results.
    • $550 for test results review, and a 1-hour phone appointment.
    • $650 for test results review, a written copy of recommendations and strategies, and a 1-hour phone appointment. 

Dr. Berkson reviews all test results before meeting with you, often comparing them to past tests and reports, compiles strategies and action steps, offers recommendations for your medical provider(s) to consider, along with supportive abstracts and literature if appropriate. After she prepares these recommendations you will meet with her for a one hour appointment to review the results and her recommendations. This fee also includes one short follow up phone call if you have questions regarding the write-up. 

  • One Hour Progress Follow-Up Visit – $425
  • 1/2 hour Progress Follow-Up Visit – $195 
  • 15 minutes Short Q&A – $85  

Test Referrals

  • Ordering/Requisition Fee – Tahoma Clinic – Testing for & Desensitization of specific foods/hormones – $65

Additional Information

  • Payment in full is required BEFORE any appointments or written recommendations will be sent to you. 
  • Labs are not included in any of Dr. Berkson’s fees.
  • Please complete and return the paperwork we send you along with any pertinent labs (no older than 6 months) at least one week before your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so may necessitate rescheduling your appointment depending on the complexity of your case.
  • Not insurance reimbursable. Dr. Berkson does not fill out insurance forms or provide insurance coding.
  • Consultations are conducted over the phone unless otherwise agreed upon. 
  • Dr. Berkson does not act as a primary care provider but as part of your health team. Her consults are educational and her recommendations are offered as a team player with your other healthcare providers.
  • Dr. Berkson does not write prescriptions. If you need scripts you will need a local, to you, doctor willing to work as a team with Dr. Berkson. 
  • Another option is to see Dr. Berkson at the Naples Center for Functional Medicine where there is an established team of doctors including MD’s for prescriptions. 
  • Vitae of Dr. Berkson click here