Beauty Products Dr. Berkson LOVES!

Beauty Secrets Webinar

  • Dr. Berkson discusses the culture of beauty and reveals her personal routine for keeping her skin youthful and glowing using her 40+ years of professional knowledge. This is a 2 hour webinar that was recorded with her membership. * *If you are a part of any of my membership groups this webinar is available to you at no extra charge.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

  • Holds moisture in your skin,
  • Reduces and eliminates fine wrinkles, and
  • Resurfaces your skin daily so it can receive the other protective nutrients you use.

An economical, organic option tested by my team is ZONE – 365 Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face 20%

Vitamin C Serum

 Protects your skin from damaging effect of toxic air and pollution.

  • It is a dermal anti-oxidant.

An economical, organic option tested by my team is  ZONE – 365 Vitamin C Topical Facial Serum for All Skin Types. 



  • Increases skin circulation
  • Protects skin elasticity
  • Is heart protective

Vitamin A

  • Protects skin renewal,
  • Assists in hormonal protection of collagen, elasticity and skin,
  • Protects your gut wall and assists in healthy digestion so skin gets healthy nutrients.

Greens First

Skin is fed by healthy colored food just like your body. Here is a fast way to insure your daily intake of colorful foods that keep your skin healthier and more attractive.

Quality Matters

It matters which supplements you purchase. Dr. Berkson has partnered with Fullscript to offer you access to high quality supplements with a 5% discount shipped directly to your home! Free shipping on orders over $50. 

How to get to the Beauty Bundle on Fullscript. 

The Learn More button will take you directly to Dr. Berkson’s Dispensary Welcome page. It is FREE to set up an account.

If you have an account with another practitioner set up on Fullscript you will need to make a new account with Dr. Berkson. (You may use the same email on all accounts and Fullscript will allow you to switch between them.) 

You can access the Beauty Bundle from your Fullscript account:

  • Go to Catalog (left side of screen)
  • Click on Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson’s Dispensary Favorites (1/3rd way down the page) 
  • Click on Beauty Bundle

Flow  – Increase  your energy and zest for life!

“After two months of taking Flow I have more energy than I have had in years! I love it so much I actually wrote a testimonial which I never do.” 

— Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Flow is made from real foods and helps increase the sustained release of your Nitric Oxide production. It is one of the only organic Nitric Oxide boosting supplements. 

Nitric Oxide is responsible for many youthful functions in your body:

  • Promotes improved memory
  • Fights against cognitive health problems
  • Regulates blood flow throughout your body
  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • Keeps arteries flexible
  • Helps prevent plaque buildup in arteries
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels

Experience how FLOW makes you feel. Notice how it affects your energy and mood making even the little things better. 


I use these products to enhance my favorite recipes (like my exotic black rice recipe!) and to boost my health to another level.

I especially love their sun dried tomato paste and their olive bruschetta. They have THE best flavors and pure products.

You will LOVE these and my recipes! 

Joylux – an FDA approved vaginal medical device that turns back the clock!

“There are not a lot of products available that help you regain extremely healthy vaginal sensations as well as improve the health of vaginal tissue to prevent problems. This one does!”

— Dr. Lindsey Berkson

vFit® is the first doctor-recommended, home-use, hormone-free solution using light energy to improve a woman’s intimate wellness, sexual function and confidence. This revolutionary device was designed by Ob-Gyns and a team of women who understand your needs. vFit is proven to be effective in improving a woman’s intimate wellness.

In a 60-day study of the revolutionary devices, women using vFit experienced these life-changing results:

  • 95% felt improved intimate wellness
  • 91% felt increased natural hydration
  • 89% felt increased sensation
  • 100% felt more confident

Use my code BerksonVagHealth  when purchasing the Fresh Start Set to receive a complimentary cleansHER ($25 value). 

I get commissions for purchases made through links on this page.

This does not increase your cost and often I have obtained a discount for my tribe.