Mornings find me with my cup of joe sleuthing the science so that I can share with others. I developed my membership groups two years ago to bring that science, and what it means, directly to you in a more interactive way.

Today’s controversies, frustrations and biases surrounding health can make your head spin. My goal is to help you ground yourself in science based Smart+Heart information. 

There is something for everyone — general public, medical professionals and coaches.

I looking forward to connecting with you!

Substack & Private Facebook Group


  • Access to Dr. Berkson’s Substack and Private Facebook group where Dr. Berkson shares her latest finds from the medical journals. Thousands have enjoyed her educational posts on both her public and personal Facebook pages for many years. Now her doses of wisdom and science will be exclusively for members of her private Facebook group and her Substack. Learn the latest science and hang out with others who are passionate about health and science. You will also have opportunities to suggest topics you would like Dr. Berkson to cover in her podcasts, blogs and new courses. 

Science and life will be discussed and inspiration will be jumped started, come join the conversation!

Note: Dr. Berkson will NOT be giving any advice on personal medical problems in this group.

Berkson Live


  • LIVE webinar conversation with Dr. Berkson once a month (Zoom meeting). Dr. B loves, loves, loves doing research, connecting-the-dots in meaningful ways that come with her decades of clinical experience and then sharing it with you! Listen in and learn what is happening with health and its many controversies. Participate in the monthly webinar Q&A. Topics will include hormones, gut health, nutrition and more. Archived for member’s convenience. Currently over 30 archived titles including: Vitamin D, Progesterone, Supplement Savvy, To Soy or Not to Soy, & The Power of Food.

This is an “educational” conversation merging education, entertainment and community. There will be some Q&A and interaction. Note: this will NOT include personal health questions.

  • 25% off all of Dr. Berkson’s online courses after 3 consecutive months of membership.
  • Membership in the Dr. Berkson’s Substack & the Berkson Private Facebook group. Where Dr. Berkson’s science and motivational posts are available.

Berkson Live Pro


  • LIVE Interactive Q & A with Dr. Berkson once a month (Zoom meeting). This is a professional webinar to help take your practice to the next level. It is designed for practitioners, coaches and smart patients. Dr. Berkson has spent the majority of her career teaching continuing medical education courses to medical doctors and many other diverse health care professionals. You can ask questions about client/patient cases and protocols. You are going to learn how attract more clients and service them with cutting edge interventions. Dr. Berkson will update you on the latest findings and guidelines on such topics as cBHRT, gut health, detox, environmental toxins, nutritional/functional protocols and discuss what works and why. Archived for Member’s convenience. Currently over 30 archived Professional Webinar titles including: Testosterone & Prostate Cancer, SIBO (with Guest lecture from Dr. Sam Rahbar), Endometriosis, Vaginal Health, and Estrogen & Responsivity of Immune Cells and over 30 Live Level Webinar titles. 
  • Mentoring Discount – $400/session limited to 5 people per month.  One-hour, one-on-one private mentoring session with Dr. Berkson where she will review your patient charts, answer questions and provide coaching. Mentoring is normally $450 a session.
  • 50% off all Dr. Berkson’s online courses effective after 3 consecutive months of membership.
  • Berkson Live educational webinar with Dr. Berkson once a month. (Archived for member’s convenience.)
  • Membership in the Dr. Berkson’s Substack & the Berkson Private Facebook group. Where Dr. Berkson’s science and motivational posts are available.