1. Exercise where you push your heart rate up safely but UP for starting at 30-second intervals and slowly building up to one minute or more, several times during at least a 15-minute daily workout. Even 5 minutes is better than nothing. Oxygenate your brain.
  2. Home air filters reduce all kinds of natural and unnatural “toxicants” that can alter mitochondrial brain functioning.
  3. Eat a breakfast higher in protein and no carbs till midday, i.e. nuts butters, freshly ground seed/nut cereal, organic sausage or turkey bacon or left overs but no fruits or carbs, try for a month to stabilize insulin more throughout the day and help brain neuroplasticity be more stable.
  4. Take 400 mg of SAMe on empty stomach 1-2 times a day, start with once for a few days and see if that does it. It’s pricey but a superb methylator, especially for the brain.
  5. Get hormones tested and treated (whole family including adrenal, insulin, sex steroids, etc.)
  6. Spend at least 10-15 minutes outside a day, look out over a field, body of water, at trees
  7. Test Vitamin D levels, should be 60-80, I can’t tell you how many folks feel less depressed when vitamin D levels get higher, as it’s an anti-inflammatory agent and seems to really be so in the brain and nervous system. It works in tandem with the hormone progesterone.
  8. Progesterone replacement is good for both men and women (lower in men of course) as a brain neurosteroid, working together with vitamin D.
  9. Do at least 2 things a week you would do for no money and lose track of time you enjoy it so much when you do it. If you can’t think of what that would be or don’t do it… then you REALLY need to DO IT!