Dr. Lindsey Berkson, MA DC DACBN CNS CAN
Best selling author and hormone scholar at estrogen think tank at Tulane University.

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Hope, healing and health through humor.
Berkson merges cutting-edge science, riveting personal stories and hilarious humor to give people HOPE.

Best Selling author with 21 published books
Functional Medicine expert who trains other doctors
Expert on nutrition, anti-aging and secrets to live “longer” yet enjoy it “younger”.
Hormone Scholar
Key Note Speaker
Outrageous Multiple Cancer Survivor

Sample Talks

Your Will to Live vs. Your Will to Die: How I healed myself when all the experts said I couldn’t and how you can heal yourself, too.
How Your Hormone Health Can Make You A Winner in the Work Place
Love Is Under Assault; 5 Secrets to enjoying the best love and sexy brain of your life
Why Nature Wants You To Have Pleasure and How to Keep Having It In Today’s Toxic Environment
We’re Living Longer but Here’s 5 Secrets To Doing it Younger
Oxytocin – Reach for oxytocin instead of Prozac and to enhance your exercise regime
Functional practitioners
The public especially women’s conferences, toxic environmental symposiums, gut disorders, etc.
Motivational keynote