Brains Don’t Like Disasters!

Your brain does not like disasters, but there are simple ways to develop Brain Vitamin R = Resilience!

Your brain can experience hidden issues up to two years after a severe trauma or disaster. I want you to know simple action steps, with robust science behind them, to help you keep your wits about you. Download my free gift to learn how to develop resilience and protect your brain! 

In this Ebook by Berkson on disasters and Brain Resilience, you’ll learn:

  • What is brain connectivity and how does disaster adversely affect it, even two years out?
  • How does oxytocin protect your brain connectivity?
  • Exactly how zinc makes bad memories a smaller font size.
  • How this information is helpful for other stressful situations, such as post-surgery in breast cancer survivors.
  • All the ways mushrooms protect your brain (and gut) from disaster.