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Dr. Berkson has been in practice for over 30 years, with a specialty in nutrition, hormones, gut health and intimacy.

She’s connected-the-dots of massive amounts of science and clinically-based information that’s her passion to pass forward to YOU!

Her radio show, Best Health, has agile thinkers offering YOU agile answers.

Her latest book, SEXY BRAIN, is on environmental castration and how to protect yourselves and those you love, even your adult kids. Go to SexyBrainSystem.com for free gifts and videos and to learn more about this breakthrough book. Berkson is a best selling author and this is her 21st book.

This is what the multi-timed New York Times best-selling author and a legend in functional medicine and nutrition, Dr. Mark Hyman, says about SEXY BRAIN:

“Dr. Berkson’s SEXY BRAIN is a breakthrough book informing the public about a new threat from our toxic environment: environmental castration. Just as we are seeing diseases like type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and obesity in our younger adults, conditions that historically were seen only in seniors, we have to now add hormonal imbalance and sexual dysfunction to this list. This book takes our awareness of the effects of our toxic planet to a new level.” —Mark Hyman, MD, Author of best-selling book, Eat Fat, Get Thin.

Check out Berkson’s Blog where she has over 2200 articles on exact steps for YOU to be healthier in today’s hghly toxic environment.


Dr. Lindsey Berkson