We are about to lose our rights to get bioidentical hormones.

Every day in practice, those docs utilizing individualized bioidentical hormone replacement for patients, hear that men and women’s lives are given back to them. They think better. Sleep better. Close the deal at work better. Look better. And have more hope about aging. All this is done with science-based, individualized, bioidentical hormone replacement along with optimizing nutrition and digestion.

Individualized bioidentical hormones also can “treat” or be “adjunctive care” for many long term disabling health issues such as endometriosis, benign breast disease, inflammatory bowel disease, some neurodegenerative illnesses and more.

Daily people ask me how can I look and act the way I do? Especially with my health history. My mother was given a drug, now known to be a class one carcinogen, while pregnant with me. It was “standard care” at that time, given to millions of pregnant moms for 36 years, a real public health tragedy. I had to battle diverse health issues, like cancer and have multiple surgeries and lose multiple organs, secondary to in utero drug exposure.

I suffered for decades till I learned that with strategic bioidentical hormone replacement and nutrition, I could and did “hack my health back out of the mountainside”. I now have better health in my 60’s than many of the doctors that told me I would never be able to achieve that.

Most young doctors today don’t even know about this drug that adversely affected so many lives and holds a message for pollutants that are endocrine mimics.

Well, darn it, here we are again.
Another possible public health tragedy.

Our rights to bioidentical hormones are about to be taken away from us. Why? So we would only be able to get hormones as drugs from docs that write scripts for commercial synthetic versions that support big pharma. Follow the money. And power.

More is coming out about hormones dictate health. So the battle over the money for these hormones is here.
Last month the largest VA study ever showed that T replacement in men, getting levels to “high” normal, not just “low” normal, protected against premature death and stroke. Reanalysis of the Women’s Health Initiative showed women on estrogen WITHOUT SYNTHETIC PROGESTINS had significantly less breast cancer.

Hormone replacement is and should be a critical part of health care but the question is now, can you get the safest versions and who will get the money?

Big Pharma wants to close down compounding pharmacies. This is real threat for us all.

I know, I know. One more war story. We’ve had enough. But there is always battle for power and money and who might lose out? YOU and ME!
If for no other reason look at the PAIN issue.
As we hit our 40’s and hormone levels are lower, our ligaments get lax and joints hurt. If for NO other reason than restoring natural levels of hormones stops PAIN, often thought to be an inevitable part of aging, but is NOT! Don’t let us loose these RIGHTS!