My family of choice—John and Jean—raised a calf on their 150 acres on only sprouts, grass, free range, and love. We then butchered it with a prayer of thanksgiving (my long ago boyfriend at the University of Michigan, an astrophysicist, used to hunt deer with bow and arrow and would always pray in gratitude with hands on, as the animal passed) aged it for several weeks, had it thoroughly inspected as it was never on ANY meds, even for de-worming, and then John found BPA free paper that we froze the meat in.

I defrosted the steak. Used my unique, specific and famous “fork method” to get the flavors in. Marinated it in red cab wine (without plastics), smoked paprika, sea salt, raw granulated garlic, dried organic parsley leaves (for hormone balancing and anti-cancer activity) and fresh ground black pepper.

Used my layering technique on each side three times. 3’s a charm.
Marinated for 2 hours.

Broiled on each side till cooked with slight pink in the center.

Makes your eyes water for the delight and health of it.

Grass fed meat is high in natural hydrogenated fats that are the opposite of unnatural hydrogenated fats. They protect against cancer. Against heart disease. Against weight gain.

And this tastes divine even for a huge veggie oriented person (once vegetarian and vegan) like me. PS I “blacken” with herbs NOT with heat. Blackened meat protein promotes cancer causing substances. So blacken with herbs, not with cooking.