If this pans out, it looks like reproductive doctors may recommend this food for men with infertility issues due to 3 things: sperm deficiencies due to poor viability, poor morphology (shape), and lowered motility (hampered motion). This comes from human research run at the University of California. The study gave males 2.6 ounces a day of this food in powder form and was able to reboot their fertility. Wow, the power of food, in this case, walnuts. (Biology of Reproduction 2012)

This same food, two handfuls (2 ounces) of walnuts daily, has been shown by researchers at Marshall University to reduce the growth of breast cancer in mice, so much so that the authors recommend women eat it to protect their breasts. (Nutrition and Cancer 2011)

This same food has been shown by research from The University of Texas Health Science Center to contain melatonin. Their data shows that when consumed, the melatonin is absorbed and the blood levels of melatonin increase, and so does the blood’s ability to fight oxidative processes. (Nutrition 2005)

We are talking about walnuts. The one nut it’s rather difficult to overeat.

Walnuts contain about twice the amount of antioxidants compared to most other nuts.
Some scientists says that walnuts offer more protection for the heart than from cancer.

But one thing is for sure, consuming a bunch of walnuts a day is good for men and women. I have a nut paté that I sometimes make—the recipe is in Retraining Your Tongue (available on Amazon)—and you can add walnuts to this mix for a real antioxidant bang for your buck.

I enjoy walnuts with just a dab of local honey; it tastes better than an expensive bar or candy.

Food is powerful. It can protect us. Here, this food actually has hormonal activity, and this hormone is an anti-aging, estrogen protecting, fast acting antioxidant.