Moment Yoga. That’s what I call it. Be here now. Not ahead or behind. In fear or anger. But just where you are. Right here right now.

Easy to speak like this when we are young. When we are 20 and idealistic this kind of talk and an open heart seem simpler to pull off.

It’s when life starts to accumulate betrayals, diagnoses, hurts, and suffering that living this becomes a challenging mantra that is well worth the intention.

But that’s when BE HERE NOW is needed the most.

But you can’t hone it in the middle of a crisis. You have to have been practicing it, owning it, before suffering shows up. The now is that soul place where none of that suffering is happening. It’s a spiritual point of reference that keeps you from going mad.

The NOW, tethers you to the GODhead inside you.

It’s worth all the yoga sweat and life unfolding, to develop this unmovable place of peace and ISNESS.