My Gym, Pure Fitness at Quarry Lake, Austin, TX has a sign above the entrance. I always read it. And affirm it. Into all my molecules.

“Never, never, never give up.”

As I work out I am lucky to be able to look out over beautiful Quarry Lake, a pristine spring fed lake I also get to swim in. This morning for the 1st time I saw a long line of baby duckies. I bought my 2nd red kuri squash. (They are only in season for 6 weeks.) I have this amazing Dutch recipe that I learned when I lived in Holland for a short time with friends. If you want it let me know, I will post recipes on my mailing list soon. People who know me know I value nutrition but am a taste snob and I love food to taste over the top orgasmic fabuloso! 
I have a new recipe that qualities: cashew/walnut umeboshi dried tomato pate’. Another winner.

Great food should be font size 72


Same with how we feel inside ourselves!