Great Things are Coming

I had a patient that had been very ill for many years, even though he was only in his early 40’s. He had a disabled family member so he not only had his own health issues but also theirs on his plate.

He was at his wit’s end.

The many docs he had seen could not figure anything out so the last several years he had been told repeatedly that it was all in his head. He was told to now go see psychiatrists.

In going over the blood work I saw a marker for a tumor that for some reason no one else had seen. But when we ordered back blood tests, it had been showing up in 5 different tests over the last 7 years.

We re-ordered and it showed up again.

I referred him to the world’s expert in this surgery, but done in a minimally invasive manner. I had shadowed this surgeon two years back and observed 22 surgeries.
I got in the mail TODAY a personal note from that surgeon. The surgery took place this past week and the tumor was the most active and damaging this surgeon had ever seen. The surgeon sent me a note that this patient’s life would be changed immediately for the better. And he enclosed a picture of that tumor! The last sentence he personally wrote said it was good this was found, because now great things were coming his way.