Hormone Tests

Hormone test kits.

  • ***This is the hormone test that Dr. Berkson most often recommends for best overall first assessment of hormone functioning This test evaluates: all sex steroid hormones plus metabolites (catechol estrogens including 2MEO), adrenal hormones and metabolites (cortisol/cortisone and aldosterone), Estrogen Quotient, DHEA, testosterone, androgen metabolites, potassium, sodium, free T3, free T4, growth hormone, melatonin, 24-hr creatinine, Kynurenic and Xanthurenic. This is the only test in the US that we know of at this time that tests for oxytocin. Oxytocin signaling robustly influences appetite control, weight loss, metabolic syndrome, pain relief (body/mind), as well as decreases local inflammation, promotes crypt healing and affects motility in the gut.
  • Dried Urine Hormone testing This combines the benefit of 24-hour testing with time specific assessments usually only available with saliva testing and is a good less expensive test to monitor your hormone levels. It does not test all the hormones in the 24-hour urine test, such as oxytocin, but it is a good, less expensive test to monitor your hormone levels. This test includes:
    • Estrogens, estrogen detox pathways, indicators for osteoporosis as well as high-risk profile of hormonally driven disorders (Estrogen Quotient).
    • This is the only dried urine test to include the protective final metabolite 2MEO
    • Bioavailable male hormone levels including 5-alpha-DHT
    • Adrenal testing: Circadian cortisol/cortisone pattern, Adrenal metabolites, mineralocorticoids (including aldosterone), free and conjugated cortisol and cortisone for best assessment of FREE hormone, progesterone and melatonin metabolites.
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