Anti-cancer, hormone balancing, gut rejuvenating dish


    • Box of Hodgson Mill Angel Hair brown rice pasta with golden milled Flax Seed. (you can probably use any pasta but I love this dish with brown rice/flaxseed pasta).
    • Flaxseeds.
      • Flaxseeds boost the production of the final non-estrogenic metabolite of estrogen—2-MEO—that fights many cancers in both men and women, especially breast, prostate and colon. It helps prevent cancer and fight recurrence.
      • Flaxseeds have the highest lignin content of any other food that helps flush excess toxins and hormones out of out intestinal tract as part of the cleansing part of healthy hormones.
      • They are high in large amounts of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), their omega-3 fatty acid, that accounts for over half of their total fat content and cooking doesn’t ruin it, and promotes healthy cell membranes (the skin around ALL cells).
    • One zucchini
    • Granulated raw garlic or whole garlic or any garlic
    • Dried parsley
    • Onion powder
    • Sea Salt
    • Olive Oil


In a small frying pan on low heat, put granulated garlic and grated plus finely sliced zucchini, I like several different shapes of food or “cuts” as I think doing this, adds to the flavor.

Stir till starts to brown and you can really smell the flavors

Then sprinkle olive oil and cook a tad more but do not over cook
In salted hot boiling water place long strings of uncooked pasta that I break into thirds to make the pieces smaller but that is optional

Stir as water starts to boil again

Lower heat, stir now and then for about 10 minutes, and do not over cook

Drain and rinse when done.
Place the zuke/garlic/oil in bottom of bowl

Place pasta on top

Put generous amounts of dried parsley (I use about 2 Tbsps.)

1-2 TBs black sesame seeds

More olive oil

Optional: Grind fresh 1 to 3 teaspoons of flax seeds and sprinkle over mixture for more health, fiber and for those of you who like it… nutty flavor. If you don’t like it, but in this dish flax does taste great, you can grind up walnuts or almonds and add those.
Gently mix.  Yum