• Box of Ancient Harvest Spaghetti (Gluten Free High Protein Pasta, won’t taste as good with rice pasta but can still use it in case you can’t consume corn, as 20% of Ancient Harvest is corn).
• Paleo version: Substitute for pasta “spiralized” zucchini/yellow squash noodles to lower carbs if you desire.
• Bunch of Chard
• Head of Broccoli
• Himalayan Sea Salt or regular Sea Salt
• Granulated Garlic (I like Raw from Whole Foods better than roasted but either will do).
• Organic Olive Oil (best from glass as less plastic, endocrine disruptor exposure and better flavor).
Optional seasonings:
• Optional Smoked Paprika
• Optional Gluten Free Soy Sauce
• Optional Chick Pea Miso
• Optional Onion flakes or powder
• Optional Parsley flakes (high in apigenin that protects hormones and helps fight against hormonal cancers. Fresh parsley is good too but has less % of apigenin and it actually tastes better with the dried for this recipe)
Optional Veggies:
• Yellow or Sweet White: Onion (makes pasta a little “sweeter” so to speak, you dice the onion and can use a slight amount of sweet raw or sauté’ about ¼ to ½ of either onion with the chard if you cook it)
• Sweet Potato or Squash: Cut up in slightly larger diced pieces of sweet potato or winter squash. Do not overcook so pieces stay whole when you mix up the pasta. (gives “sweeter” taste along with more texture)
Optional protein additions: cut up chicken (recommend organic to avoid pesticide genes causing antibiotic resistance), or slices of Whole Foods Barbeque Chicken thighs, or cut up organic chicken sausage, or sautéed tofu, or bits of feta cheese.
Optional Toppings: When done serve with shredded dairy-alternative Daiya Smoked Gouda Cheese or Daiya Cheddar Cheese or regular cheese if you eat dairy, of your choice.
• Boil Water till bubbly (adding 1 tsp. of olive oil and salt in water optimizes flavor and keeps pasta from sticking) I break up pasta sticks into thirds before slowly putting into briskly boiling water and then stir with a fork here and there to keep from clumping)
• In a separate pan heat lightly well cut up chard and optional is well diced onions
• In separate double boiler slightly (emphasis on not over doing it) steam broccoli head, when done cut off stems
• In bowl place any veggies you cooked, then put cooked pasta on top, and then put:
• Olive oil
• Salt

Other Optionals: parsley flakes, onion flakes or powder, sea salt, and smoked paprika (go light with this) and/or a dash, like a tsp., of gluten-free soy sauce.

Stir and serve with or without shredded cheese toppings (dairy-free or not i.e. Shredded Daiya Smoke Gouda or shredded Rice Parmesan) or by itself.
Other Options: Add olives, walnuts, small amount of capers.
You can also consider crumbling feta-cheese on top. I like goat best and it’s more heart healthy than cheese from a cow that has more growth factors and saturated fat.
Mixing all together: This is the art and delight of cooking. Mix. Taste. Think of what would make it better… or not. Different seasons give different tastes to the same veggies. A little more salt. A little more onion flakes. More olive oil? A dash of Balance Butter? This is what makes cooking fun and makes a happier set of taste buds at your table.