You might wonder why it is so difficult for so many to loose weight, but it is.

It’s a growing problem.

When I worked in Tulsa with my mentor, Dr. Block an integrative internist, I asked him. “What is the most severe but common problem folks complain of that’s really hard to fix?”

Dr. Block answered without a hitch, “resistant weight’.


One answer is our environment. It’s game rules have changed.

The outside signals are hijacking our inside signals and that has created cellular pandemonium.

Our environment, throughout the globe, is filled with obesogens.

These include anti-thyroid, anti-insulinogenic and pro-estrogenic endocrine disruptors. And more.

The net results are that we (our fetuses, kids and adults) develop very robust and rogue fat cells. They have petulant minds of their own.

These chemicals store in fat. They risk our physiology from these lipid thrones.

Yet when we lose weight, when we do achieve it, this then liberates these chemicals even more back into our blood stream (if not done properly). And eventually back into their fatty insulated kingdoms.

We become even more toxic, more prone to gaining the weight all back again, and more at victim of becoming even fatter than before.

These environmental endocrine disruptors tamp down thyroid function and up regulate (boost) genes that make very resistant, resilient adipocyte genes. This creates resistant fat. Resistant toxic fat births more and more resistant fat cells.

We sit more. Move less.

Regular deep breathing heavy exercise boosts bright fat and brown fat that would hope to come to our rescue. But who moves that often? And still the toxic environment is a factor once you sit down.

We sit for most of the day.

Perhaps we move a bit for an hour or less several times a week.

All this sitting trains our muscles to be sleepy and burn less calories.

Trains our insulin to work less well and make us more hungry and fatter. And dumber.

And it places the rogue fat cell back on its throne.

Adrenal, cortisol, dysregulation. We worry about litigious possibilities or how to out live our bank accounts or simply find peace more regularly than on Sundays.

We run from tigers in our minds and squirt out cortisol in unruly manners.

We sleep less deep in our rush to have brighter brains and sit more in front of screens.

We regard vacations as chaotic events jammed to the hilt in pursuit of yet more stimuli, food and doing-ness.

We strive to be celebrities in our own world and will do anything to achieve this including running ourselves deep into exhaustion and allowing the fat cells to triumph.

We rarely sit and do nothing.

If we did, then our truly stuffed fat cells might get our intention and message that they can relax and let go. But of course it’s needs to be a looping message.

We have a cultural shift of “never enough.”

This translates into food. Into life style. Into how we raise our kids. And into forming no fair fat.

Satiation is not often discussed, intentioned or practiced. It’s frowned upon.

We are so unused to the concept of satiation; it seems implausible to link that to what’s served up as food to eat.

We strive so much we are mostly holding our breaths. Exhausting our adrenals.

Unhappy hormones. Our hormones, especially thyroid and testosterone, help us rev us. But they are assaulted by the environment “outside” of us and the ill microbiome (which also helps these hormones work) “inside” of us.

So what is a person with resistant fat to do?

24 must answers to your rescue:

  1. Receptor detoxes
  2. Moving throughout the day
  3. Regular real down time
  4. Catch yourself holding your breath and exhale
  5. Eat cleaner, live cleaner, think cleaner but still live out loud, don’t let the fat cells bite
  6. Take up a hobby that has you moving a lot not just watching
  7. Avoid dish washing plastic, microwaving in plastic, use filtered water, eat more veggies (Nature’s filtered water + nutrients), eat wiser
  8. Intend to find your satiation in many things, including food, and become friends with it.
  9. Look portion control in the face, invite it in to meet your new friendship with satiation
  10. Emotional management is part of everything especially resistant fat management
  11. Accept that as you age you cannot eat as much
  12. Some loose weight with hormone therapies and some gain
  13. Look at yourself regularly not so much as to practice vanity but as to embrace reality
  14. Take the true vitamin C, connection, which starts with how well your head is connected to awareness of the rest of your body
  15. Work with an in the know practitioner to test your “family” of hormones as they all depend, for better or for worse, on each other. An example would be males wanting to get testosterone therapy. Merely testing and taking T is only a toe in the water; you need to know how your other hormones are faring.
  16. Specific herbs and foods work for some but you need a medical nutritionist that knows what they’re doing.
  17. I am a big fan of belly flapping. That is where most of the independent rogue fat lives and we can send it messages to regain our control.
  18. Be especially honest about alcohol consumption as it is a common cause of why you can’t loose weight as you drink more than you admit.
  19. Worry less, exhale more, and look around for all you have in gratitude.
  20. Make your goals preferences not musts.
  21. Even though you work to improve, all the while BE WELL WITH WHAT IS.
  22. No refined foods (no foods in cans, less foods with labels), less unhealthy carbs, and practice stints of skipping meals (intermittent fasting)
  23. Avoid snacks of processed carbs and sugars, lean more on small amounts of healthy fruit, veggies, seeds and nuts.
  24. Find out what is BLOCKING you from falling back into mad, deep passionate love with yourself, and strive to make yourself MORE WHOLE!


You can do it! Take back your fat cell control!