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One of my favorite times of day is sitting with my cup of Joe and looking over the science and pondering a blog and writing it. For me it’s a lot of fun wordsmithing together my life knowledge with what’s new. Having been in functional medicine, nutrition and practice now, yikes, for almost 43 years, I have a perspective that has, what we would say about a wine, ‘legs’.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think [email protected]

Hormones Help You Avoid Type-2 Diabetes & Keep Your Waist Thinner


As Women Age, So Do Their Bodies Within 10 years of menopause, women’s physiologies accumulate metabolic disturbances, including: visceral obesity, systemic inflammation, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, loss of muscle mass, and hypertension. All of these issues increase the risk of blood sugar issues and diseases such as insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes. Much of these physical abnormalities are partially explained by estrogen deficiency. Not all of aging, but much of it, is caused by waning of sex steroid hormones. But, there is a nasty synergism between aging and estrogen deficiency. The two together put aging women at higher risk of type-2 Diabetes, bigger [...]

Hormones Help You Avoid Type-2 Diabetes & Keep Your Waist Thinner2020-02-12T16:04:46-06:00

We Are What We Eat – Berkson Blogette (#6)


We Are What We Eat If you eat too much, you are too much. Remember, the bigger your waist line the smaller your brain! Why? Gut fat releases molecules that cross the blood brain barrier and inflame and shrink your brain tissue. Watch your portion sizes (eat off of smaller plates/no more second helpings) and ditch the obesogenic junk food (eat organic foods whenever you can)! It is important for the whole family to develop better, more mindful eating habits. Practice hara hachi bu, I explain this in my book Retraining Your Tongue (available on Amazon). Here is a scary fact, [...]

We Are What We Eat – Berkson Blogette (#6)2020-01-05T10:07:11-06:00

Better Listening Helps Find the Root Cause – Berkson Blogette (#5)


What is Up? Your life often tells you what is up but, you have to practice listening. Listen. Ponder. Ask Questions. Want to be Healthy and Live Your Best Life? You must be congruent and true to yourself by not abandoning yourself. Make sure to listen to yourself: your body, mind and spirit. Take note of what your life is trying to tell you, your life is your biggest curriculum - Learn from it! True Health equals waking up refreshed & ready to go! If this is not you then something is wrong.   If you are ill, it's for a [...]

Better Listening Helps Find the Root Cause – Berkson Blogette (#5)2020-01-05T10:07:48-06:00

Clean Labels Project – My Opinion


The following is not shocking news, it is old news, but what are YOU doing about it? The Study: The Clean Label Project, a nonprofit advocating for transparent labeling, tested baby food, infant formulas, toddler drinks and snacks purchased within the past 5 months. The group, which did not publish findings in a peer-reviewed journal, looked at top-selling formulas and baby food using Nielsen data, and also included emerging national brands. After about 530 baby food products were tested, researchers found 65% of products tested positive for arsenic, 36% for lead, 58% for cadmium and 10% for acrylamide. All of these [...]

Clean Labels Project – My Opinion2019-10-18T10:06:41-05:00

Stuff Happens – Berkson Blogette (#4)


Accidents happen, things wear down and break. To fix things we need the proper tools to get the job done. For most, growing older may mean more breakdowns, more going "wrong" with our health and sometimes broken stuff. The more tools you have in your 'tool box' means faster & better fixes to achieve "younger longer". I am no spring chicken. Plenty of stuff happens. In the past few months I have painted my 506-foot garage and hurt my thumb, I re-injured my back and just recently I hurt my toe (the jury is still out on if it is actually [...]

Stuff Happens – Berkson Blogette (#4)2019-10-09T08:21:45-05:00

Beware of Antibacterial Mouth Wash – Berkson Blogette (#3)


You Might Want to Ditch the Mouth Wash. University of Plymouth scientists have shown that the blood pressure-lowering effect of exercise is significantly reduced (cancelled out) when people rinse their mouths with antibacterial mouthwash!!!!! Compared to rinsing with water. YIKES. This screams out loud about the critical importance of oral bacteria in cardiovascular health!!!!! Oral mouth wash doesn't only rinse out the bad, it rinses out the GOOD bacteria, that help protect your heart. This study showed that the blood pressure-lowering effect of exercise was diminished by more than 60% over the 1st hour of recovery, and TOTALLY abolished 2 hours [...]

Beware of Antibacterial Mouth Wash – Berkson Blogette (#3)2019-09-06T08:50:27-05:00

Why It is Critical to Identify and then Eradicate Stomach Bugs – Berkson Blogette (#2)


H. pylori We used to think that most ulcers were causes by excess acid or stress. Now we know many ulcers (not all) are caused by an infection of a bug that loves to live inside an unhealthy stomach. This bug is called H. pylori. We think there are other ulcer causes, like daily aspirin intake (not good like docs thoughts), other bugs still being identified, and life style issues such as excess alcohol and processed foods. What's the big deal? The deal is that an infection with H. pylori increases your risk of cancer, in the stomach but also diverse [...]

Why It is Critical to Identify and then Eradicate Stomach Bugs – Berkson Blogette (#2)2019-09-02T19:51:01-05:00

Gluten: New Test on the Horizon – Berkson Blogette (#1)


There is a a new blood gluten test on the horizon. Distinct markers in the blood of people with celiac disease (autoimmune reaction to eating gluten proteins found in wheat, rye, barley and some oats) have been detected within a few hours of gluten being consumed. The findings explain what drives the adverse reaction to gluten in celiac disease and could lead to a world-first blood test for diagnosing the disease. Did you know that currently, if tested, you have to consume a lot of gluten regularly (weeks and even months) for the testing to be accurate? This potential new blood-based [...]

Gluten: New Test on the Horizon – Berkson Blogette (#1)2019-09-02T14:33:49-05:00

Pomegranates, Cholesterol, Hormones & Cancer


Pomegranates are as close to a miracle food as Mother Nature gets. Pomegranates protect your heart, safeguard your estrogens, “sensitize” insulin receptors better than many diabetic drugs without nasty side effects, slow down aging, and fight cancer. A pomegranate a day keeps the Mack truck of disease away! My grandmother often said, in her very thick Russian accent, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true.” This does not seem to be the case with these juicy purple fruits and kernels (arils).   Pomegranates fight against lots of bad stuff.  Anti-inflammatory Anti-oxidant Anti-bad [...]

Pomegranates, Cholesterol, Hormones & Cancer2019-06-28T14:40:44-05:00