Your GUT is the deal.
It drives your health. All of it. Even your brain.
A healthy gut protects your brain from suffering a stroke, which is the 2nd leading cause of death. Or if you have a stroke, a healthier gut minimizes the adverse possible outcomes.
It now turns out that bacteria inside your gut modify the behavior of immune cells that live in your gut wall. These immune cells from the gut make their way to the outer coverings of the brain, called the meninges.
Here your good gut bugs affect whether you stroke or not.
And how much damage you might have after the stroke.
The healthier YOUR gut bugs, the more protected your brain.
The gut and immune system OUTSIDE your brain, like a conductor, orchestrate the symphony of health INSIDE your brain.
This means that keeping the gut microbiome healthy, by keeping the ratio of good to bad gut bugs healthy, is one way to protect against stroke, or minimize its outcomes.
Healthy living is all about creating vitamin R—resilience—to keep you well for whatever shows up.
In each life, stuff shows up.
But how we come out on the other side is everything.
And it has a lot to do with your GOOD GUT HEALTH.

3-daily must dos to protect your gut:
Take daily probiotics, switch companies out as your gut bugs love diversity.
Eat or drink at least one fermented food daily.
Consume broccoli sprouts generously and regularly as they have evidence-based food probiotic actions on the gut.

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