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“You’ll Want What She’s Having”

Berkson has lost 7½ organs and 18 lymph nodes and she was told many times to just surrender to never being able to be energetic and youthful again because of her health history and the drug her mother was given while pregnant with her. But Berkson has learned how to “hack her health” out of the mountainside through strategic HRT, nutrition, and other natural gems of rejuvenation. Dr. Lindsey now enjoys better health in the second half of her life than she did in her first. When patients hear Berkson’s story and see and feel what health she has achieved, they often say, “I want what you’re having! Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it!”

When Berkson was lecturing with Dr. E. Taylor, a gynecologist in Chicago, to a room full of OB/GYN and family practice docs, and they learned her age and saw and heard her story, they surrounded Berkson at the break. “We want to look and act like you when we’re that old ☺. Sign us up!”

Berkson’s passion is to help you be better in your 60s than you were in your 40s. She wants you to feel like your life still lies way ahead of you, not sadly and invisibly behind you. She encourages you to dare to hope.

Much of medicine is based on drugs and procedures. These often put you at risk of side effects that you are not aware of (and perhaps even your doctor isn’t). They do not address the root cause(s) of your issues or aim to get you over them.

Berkson’s specialty is keeping you up on the science and the joy of life. Her goal is to help you discover the weakest links that are holding you back from being all that you can be and to guide and inspire you to strengthen them.

Hormones rely on nutrients, which in turn depend on digestion, and you need to have all three pillars — hormones, nutrients, and digestion–functioning optimally for you to overcome illness and fatigue and to keep your brain and energy soaring for years to come.

This is The New Trilogy in Nutritional Endocrinology

Hormones   +    Nutrition   +   Digestion

Hormone + Nutrients + Digestion Trilogy

I teach and practice the new nutritional endocrinology which focuses on this critical trilogy: hormones, nutrients and the gut (digestion and gut flora). I spend hours sleuthing through the scientific literature and translate it into useable information about your health, environment and super market cart.

Triology of health – Berkson’s mission is to show how hormones  lean on nutrition which lean on digestion.

The assessment and support of all 3 systems is essential for vibrant health.

360 Degree Hormone Expert