This show deals with the lack of authenticity in humanity throughout time and up to today, especially in medicine, hormones and even peer review science.

Listen and learn how doctor’s voting down FDA back of bioidentical hormones often choose bioidentical hormones for themselves. Why? They are safer and more effective. Their claim. No peer review trials. Are there any peer review trials on the synthetic hormones now available? No. The only randomized trial on hormones (Prempro – horse urine along with MPA) were prematurely stopped as the synthetic progestins causes issues.

You will learn about science and what the ex-editor (for two decades)  of the most prestigious scientific journal in the world today (New England Journal of Medicine) has to say about trusting science and many physicians.

You will also hear:

  • About the role of satiety hormones and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • About oxytocin and couple’s alcohol counseling.
  • The role of the gut and Parkinson’s disease especially constipation and appendix removal.
  • How women deal with stress differently than males and that stress hormones is women boost hunger hormone (ghrelin) which then can damage eggs sitting in reserve in the ovaries.
  • What Dr. David Hawkin (functional psychiatrist turned metaphysical teacher) has to say about how the masses can be so easily controlled.


Dr. Berkson shares in her somewhat poetic voice, why authenticity is so elusive (it has been this way since the beginning of mankind).

Discover how you might develop authenticity in yourself and why you would want to do so. Learn how to better tell if others are “for” you or “against” you.

In the world there have always been the “few” trying to control the “many”. But today many are trying to get our attention, money and respect. Learning how to be more authentic and discern authenticity in others, or lack of, are great tools.  You will gain some of these assets by the end of this marvelous show. 

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