Hormones Under Attack — We Need Your Help! Interview with Dr. Daved Rosensweet (#141)


Hormones Are Under Attack, Dr. Berkson’s Interview with Dr. Daved Rosensweet. Daved Rosensweet MD has been specializing in bioidentical hormone therapies for decades. Dr. Rosensweet has developed his own training program (www.menopausemethod.com), patented hormone bases, and now this.

Hormones Under Attack — We Need Your Help! Interview with Dr. Daved Rosensweet (#141)2019-07-22T07:53:16-05:00

Daikon Radish Escapades, Oxytocin and More (#140)


Dr. Berkson discusses coming back from lecturing in Canada, daikon radish escapades with customs, security, dating and oxytocin.In this show you learn about oxytocin’s global clinical applications, oxytocin receptor locations, delivery mode options, critical co-factors, and other specific nuances that play direct but often unappreciated role in how oxytocin helps your body function optimally.

Daikon Radish Escapades, Oxytocin and More (#140)2019-07-22T07:51:47-05:00

Oxytocin Retreat in Costa Rica with Drs. Jenna Clack and Matthew Barker (#139)


In this show you will learn about metabolic medicine, functional compounding pharmaceutical medicine, and an upcoming retreat on oxytocin with Dr. Berkson, Dr. Clack and Dr. Barker in Costa Rica in September 2019.As humans, we are called to find our own space, and then fill it up.In this retreat these conversations gets you started.

Oxytocin Retreat in Costa Rica with Drs. Jenna Clack and Matthew Barker (#139)2019-07-22T07:51:58-05:00

Generic Medications: The Awful Truth with Katherine Eban (#138)


Knowledge is power. Join Dr. Berkson's interview with KATHERINE EBAN, an investigative journalist, Fortune magazine contributor, Andrew Carnegie fellow, and New York Time’s best-selling author of Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom and expand your knowledge base.

Generic Medications: The Awful Truth with Katherine Eban (#138)2019-07-22T07:55:06-05:00

Women Don’t Get No Respect Unless… & Alternative Home Health (#137)


In this show you will learn:How iconic female writers and directors get treated in Hollywood or shall we say Shallow-wood?Sally Wainwright is an English television writer, producer, and director from Yorkshire. Ms. Wainwright has single-handedly revitalized British TV and won many prestigious awards.  After wide European recognition, she journeyed to Hollywood to see how Yankees would receive her and collaborate with her talent. This turned out not to be the case. What is happening to American culture?If you are a woman and under 34 and not stick thin… watch out. You are not valued as much. In this show we discuss [...]

Women Don’t Get No Respect Unless… & Alternative Home Health (#137)2019-07-14T09:58:47-05:00

Dr. Berkson’s “Bits & Pieces”: Leaky Gut & Food (#136)


This is a power packed one-hour show with Dr. Berkson.In this show you will learn:The controversies and science of leaky gut.Which conditions are definitively linked, and which are possibly linked?Nutrients and hormones that heal.Tight junctions and adhesive proteins.Protein that disassembles: zonulin.Endurance exercise, NSAIDs and pregnancy and leaky gut. Food has been in the scientific journals this week, so you will hear about:Mediterranean-Style diet and its effects on brain cortical thickness.Foods linked to increased risk of cancers and foods that are protectiveWhite vs. Red meat vs. plant-based foods’ effects on cholesterol.Ultra-processed foods, what they are and how two to four/day are linked to [...]

Dr. Berkson’s “Bits & Pieces”: Leaky Gut & Food (#136)2019-06-28T14:40:43-05:00

Alzheimer’s disease: treatment for reversal and prevention with Dr. Dale Bredesen (#135)


A mind is like a parachute. It works best when open. But what if your mind is closing down?This show is about cognitive decline, one of the worst cases being Alzheimer’s disease, with an interview of the scientist and medical neurologist who is successfully reversing and preventing this brain disease and keeping parachutes open - Dr. Dale Bredesen.In this extraordinary show you will hear from the doctor who has published 226 peer review articles on the brain and dementia:What are the 5 sub-types of Alzheimer’s disease?Why do most Alzheimer meds fail?How 1500 doctors trained in Bredesen’s techniques are reversing Alzheimer’s (and [...]

Alzheimer’s disease: treatment for reversal and prevention with Dr. Dale Bredesen (#135)2019-06-28T14:40:44-05:00

Authenticity (#134)


This show deals with the lack of authenticity in humanity throughout time and up to today, especially in medicine, hormones and even peer review science.Listen and learn how doctor’s voting down FDA back of bioidentical hormones often choose bioidentical hormones for themselves. Why? They are safer and more effective. Their claim. No peer review trials. Are there any peer review trials on the synthetic hormones now available? No. The only randomized trial on hormones (Prempro – horse urine along with MPA) were prematurely stopped as the synthetic progestins causes issues.You will learn about science and what the ex-editor (for two decades)  [...]

Authenticity (#134)2019-06-28T14:40:45-05:00

“Obesogens” Are Making Us Fat! with Dr. Bruce Blumberg (#133)


In this show you will learn:Eating less and moving more aren’t working, in 2019, to lose weight.Partially because of obesogensExactly what these (obseogens) are.How they are contributing to the ever growing obesity epidemic.How chemicals can make our fat cells nasty, unfair and non-responsive to life style changes.How obesogens are “transgenerational” (passed on to your offspring).How weight-inducing chemicals are ubiquitous.That obesogens lurk in food, furniture, plastic products and other surprising places.In his new book, THE OBESOGEN EFFECT, Dr. Bruce Blumberg describes how obesogens work, where they are found, and offers a practical three-step solution for reducing exposures and setting a straight course for better [...]

“Obesogens” Are Making Us Fat! with Dr. Bruce Blumberg (#133)2019-06-28T14:40:45-05:00

Pomegranates – Unique Medical Food (#132)


Pomegranates are as close to a miracle food as Mother Nature gets. Pomegranates protect your heart, safeguard your estrogens, “sensitize” insulin receptors better than many diabetic drugs without nasty side effects, slow down aging, and fight cancer.Pomegranates fight against lots of bad stuff:Anti-inflammatoryAnti-oxidantAnti-bad cholesterolAnti-heart diseaseAnti-kidney diseaseAnti-cognitive diseaseAnti-diabeticAnti-obesityAnti-carcinogenicPomegranates support a lot of good actions:Pro-nitric oxide availability and levelsPro-kidney healthPro-blood vessel healthPro-heart healthPro-bone healthPro-immune supportivePro-mitochondrial supportPro-brain protectionIn this show you will learn exactly how pomegranates protect heart health:Makes APOCIII genetic glitches work better.Lowers bad cholesterolLowers Oxidized CholesterolMakes cholesterol less dangerous and less sticky.Boosts enzymes that keep blood fats healthier.Reduces size of plaque (atherosclerotic [...]

Pomegranates – Unique Medical Food (#132)2019-06-28T14:40:45-05:00