MEAT – The World Health Organization’s released findings that consumption of MEAT (red meat and processed meat) can increase cancer risks. The World Health Organization classified the consumption of RED MEAT as probably CARCINOGENIC (cancer causing), right up there with smoking and asbestos.

After days of headlines proclaiming that bacon and hot dogs cause cancer, the WHO released a clarification statement, as they got so much pressure from so many meat lobbyists.
It referred to a statement by the International Agency of Cancer Research that said you don’t have to stop eating hot dogs and the like altogether, just cut them down.

34,000 cancer deaths per year worldwide are attributable to diets high in processed meat meaning red meat could be responsible for 50,000 cancer deaths per year worldwide. In contrast, the new release by the WHO clarified that tobacco smoking causes 1 million cancer deaths per year globally, 600,000 per year are due to alcohol consumption, and more than 200,000 per year are due to air pollution. So, what’s a little red processed meat?

But those were relative risk numbers, not hard ones. Cancer Research UK (CRUK) in a scienceblog used UK population data to give some absolute numbers. In Britain, colorectal cancer affects 61 of every 1000 people. Those who eat the lowest amount of processed meat are likely to have a lower lifetime risk (56 cases per 1000 people who eat little or no meat). Those who eat the most processed meat have greater risk (about 66 cases per 1000 people).

Many agree (not all) that lean meats, and less meats, though, are better. LEAN meats, poultry and fish along with plants sources like beans, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Consumption of processed meats like ham, bacon and hot dogs, should not be a regular dietary item.

If you do enjoy your steaks and hamburgers, eat more anti-inflammatory foods to offset their inflammation such as avocadoes and colorful veggies. And try to eat grass-fed as much as possible as this meat has healthier fats.