1. Hormones tested, tweaked, individualized.
  2. These are the main signaling molecules protecting your brain and gut.
  3. Microbiome protected.
  4. Nutrients nestled well inside cells…. because you are digesting.
  5. Passions lived or attempted.
  6. Purpose driven.
  7. And sometimes lazy as hell.
  8. Life shared.
  9. God remembered.
  10. Moving no matter what.
  11. Being gentle especially on yourself.
  12. Speaking supportive SELF talk inside your own head.
  13. Finding a community that sees you, laughs with you, cherishes with you.
  14. If you have lost hope, find someone to help you find it.
  15. Hope re-found is an anchor for a younger perspective and spirit.
  16. And never ever ever give up.