We saw this just last week with the Medi-diet linked to less brain shrinkage and more brain volume. Size matters. Especially with your brain. Our biggest fears these days, understandably, is: will I outlive my wits or my money, but without my wits, what good is my money or how will I keep holding on to it, or making it?

Valid questions.

Part of the Answer

It is very good to know that what we CHOOSE to put into these lips of ours, into our guts and microbiomes, matters. The take home is, we have some control.


Hot Off the Press

New study just hot off the press is on a very large cohort of 31, 456 middle-aged and elderly subjects from 40 countries and 733 centers, and came out on line in Neurology May 6, 2015. During 5 years of follow-up, cognitive decline, brain drain, occurred in 16.8% of participants.

After adjusting for known confounding factors (systolic blood pressure, history of stroke, and diabetes) the highest quintile of modified Alternative Healthy Eating Index — or the “healthiest diet” — or the folks making what for you would be healthier choices, was associated with less cognitive decline compared to the least healthy diet. 

Lead author Andrew Smyth, MMedSc, research fellow, Population Health Research Institute, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, said:

“The take-home message from this study is that high diet quality, which is consistent with current healthy eating guidelines, is associated with a reduced risk of cognitive decline and suggests that healthy eating may reduce the risk of cognitive decline in addition to the previously reported associations with cardiovascular disease.”


Don’t just sit around and be worried about Alzheimer’s or Lewy Body Disease or even just poorer thinking because you are getting older or your mom died of it or you have the APOE4 gene.

Eat better. Start now.

Eat more raw, more plants, fermented, not demented, sprouts, make tasty or learn to make tasty if you don’t know how.

  • Stop eating out so much.
  • Size matters (this includes portions, NO, more of healthy food is not healthy).

We are the caretakers of our gray matter and yes we have some input into our epigenics and it starts with our supermarket carts and meals and then our digestion.

Hope – control – food – brain.

I want you to get this so your brain gets it.

And there you have it.