Bulletproof and Berkson! A one-hour plus interview chock full of ideas to make your brain and life soar. Listen to Bullet Proof Radio show on how our toxic environment is impacting our hormones, brains and health here.

Dave Asprey is an amazing human who was obese and out of shape and morphed into a hunk, a best selling author, hottest radio host, and a world respected health guru.

On this show Dave Asprey interviews Dr. Berkson and this hot duo team up for your learning and listening pleasure.

The info is fast, fun and full of factoids.

Dave Asprey is very brilliant and has created a line of effective supplements that help you lose weight, lose your appetite (help control it) and enjoy sustained energy.

Asprey invented BULLETPROOF coffee. You gotta try it! My patients that say that when they drink it in the morning, they are full and satisfied without any crashes of energy all day long.

Click here to listen to “How Our Toxic Environment is Impacting Our Sexy Brains and Hormones – Dr. Lindsey Berkson – #418”  posted on July 18th 2017:

Enjoy the show!