CHARACTER(the moral fiber of who we are), research is saying, is not very malleable. What you see is what you get in mates & co-workers. Change can happen, but often success is slow if not minimal.

Want your boss or mate to be more empathetic or kind or connecting or honest? Pretty much folks are who they are over many situations. If they are one particular way with you, they are most likely that way with others. If they did that to their last relationship, they will probably do that with you.

It is not set in stone.
Change can happen.
But most often not.

Experts make themselves into experts by promising change. Many of us want to change. But true lasting change is not a weekend course.

Though it can happen.

But you must claim and covet it with INTENTION. By continual work. By HOLDING that new vision of what you want to be. Toward that change. 

I believe we can reclaim health. I have seen it happen many times. But character, I have seen that improve too, but it’s a slower road.

Everything’s connected.
And I believe that HOPE is everything.

PS. The biggest changes I see in people, in practice, over all these decades, is through food, hormone balancing, digestion boosting and the true vitamin D = discipline.

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