You can’t just go to one doc and get all the answers. As much as your life is already on survival, especially at the time of a diagnosis, you need a village with some medical nutritional geeks in it.

It’s a lot of effort and more money and frustrating to find a good one. Like it is with finding a good person at any skill.

But today medicine has changed. We each of us have to be our own patient advocate.
If you want your best chance at being well, there can be no more delivering yourself to a doc and taking the prescriptions and recommendations on blind faith. That’s a sure recipe for ending up sorrier than you would wish.

You have to think.
It’s confusing and painful.
The Internet is great, but it’s also a nightmare.

A smart medical nutritionist can help be a sound patient advocate. This does not mean the nutritionist at the gym. Or the dietitian at the endocrinologist’s office.

Kid about to lose colon: One patient was a 6-year old kid who had not gone to the bathroom much of his life, often only once a month, with lots of oral agents to accomplish it, if not the actual hand of his mom.

The gastroenterologist said let’s snip, endoscopically, a small portion of his colon, no big shakes. They talk about this as though it’s easy. Their thinking was that if his colon is shortened, so is his gut transit time.

Instead, we got him on the right dosage of the best digestive enzymes for him. That took 3 weeks to figure out. Now he goes daily and doesn’t need surgery. He is feeling, thinking and behaving better, too. His personality is many levels improved. This is huge.

The old medicine has to move on. It needs to open up it’s mind and get medical nutritionists, naturopaths, smart chiros, and enlightened dietitians on board, so you and your family can really get well.

Go to the trouble to find and develop a relationship with a quality medical nutritionist and have them on hand when you need them in the future.