This is a perfect Mother’s Day podcast.

This show is about a “never-giving-up mom on rhoids”—JJ Virgin.

JJ Virgin’s son was in a serious accident and endured an extremely severe head trauma. Her son Grant was literally fighting for his life. The doctors declared that there was hardly any chance of surviving let alone him ever being “normal” again.

JJ did not give-up. She dug deep and in this riveting interview you hear how she did that. JJ describes how she creates hope inside herself, when there doesn’t seem to be any. You will hear the exact nutraceuticals and natural protocols she and her finally willing doctor used to heal this un-healable brain catastrophe.

Taking her son from the brink of death with high dose fish oil, hormones, and energy modalities, inspired a new movement toward identifying and resolving brain injuries. Especially in children and teens.

JJ is not new to having courage or stunning success. She is a celebrity nutritionist, fitness adviser, public speaker, and media personality. She’s been a regular on high-profile shows like Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, the TODAY show, Access Hollywood and more.

JJ has an amazing talent for “inspiring mindsets that birth miracles” and then providing tools thatnudge these miracles to multiply.

JJ is known for her amazing buffed bare arms and for decades she has taught clients how to lose weight and master their mindset to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Currently JJ’s brainchild—Mind Share, which is where I met JJ for the first time—focuses on the functional medicine community online. This is an exciting networking group of diverse health professionals from MDs to health coaches, that help each other get their word and products out into the world.

I know you will be inspired and moved hearing JJ’s story of determination, resilience and mama warrior courage.

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