How many of us really know ourselves? What runs us that we don’t realize? Have we worked out our demons and learned not to abandon ourselves? Is our inner gut calm or in a state of secret chronic terror? This interview is a fantastic and incredibly “calming conversation” about the mysteries of finding livable peace in today’s crazy, cacophonous world.

Want to feel calm? Want an antidote to stress? This interview between Dr. Berkson and Dr. Javed, is YOUR answer.

Dr. Qazi Javed is a double board certified integrative medical physician who got out of school and in his first job saw 30 patients a day, soon realizing this wasn’t fair to either his patients or himself. There had to be another effective way to help others manage their emotions and lives. As well as a way to do so without traumatizing each other trying to accomplish healing in 15-minute increments.

Today, Dr. Javed combines orthodox psychiatry with psychotherapy, orthomolecular medicine, nutrition, herbalism, and mind-body approaches.

  • The emphasis is on authenticity and calm.
  • The focus is “realness” between his patient and himself.
  • Then helping the patient gain this within their own lives.
  • This takes time, commitment, and a doctor that has your priority as his priority. How refreshing. Pretty rare in today’s speedy money and externally oriented culture.

Dr. Javed believes in the value of “connections” in creating and enhancing overall well-being. As humans we have connections both with ourselves and with the world outside ourselves. “Disharmony” in any of these connections causes suffering. “Harmony” between these connections, opens the possibilities for life without pain. A life with room for calm.

Experiencing these concepts unfold in our own mind, actions and relationships, opens portals for healing. And lays the groundwork for sustainable peace.

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