This week we heard about two shocking celebrity suicides from people the public dearly loves and who are considered epitomes of American success stories. Add to these the 123 suicides that stunningly occur every day within the United States, and we have to know that something is very wrong with our culture.

We prioritize success. Over peace. And tools for peace. Instead, we accustom ourselves and our children  to anger, pain, judgment, medications and law suits. We do not teach in our schools or within our homes what it means to develop tools to be able to be present within ourselves, and to manage ourselves emotionally when suffering slams against our door.

We pathologize life and tell people who are depressed that all they need is therapy. We have to take a look at how we live. The beat of our culture is producing a suicidal rhythm. We are prioritizing things that don’t ensure peace and ignore tools that anchor the soul.

Our lives can change so quickly. For good or for bad. We leave our own marks, here and there, on life. In return, life leaves marks, here and there, on us. Some are beautiful. Some hurt like hell.  

But learning what runs us, that which we don’t know runs us, is a wise portal to make suffering a smaller font size. 

Some hurts get velcroed. They make up our pain body. Dr. Berkson discusses her own bout lately with her pain body. And shares the lessons she learned.

The more we know about what’s going on, within us, the less these run us and the more we can manage our emotions. 

Why do we prioritize math over tools for the quiet mind?

Talking, not texting, out loud, asking questions, dealing with suffering, all work to help each other feel better inside ourselves. Silence doesn’t. 

Need a suicide number? Call 800 273 8255 

And did you know, there are meds today that can decrease suicidal thoughts within 30 minutes, like nasal spray ketamine.

There is much that can be done in both the short and long term within our soul’s crevices. When bleeding, you go to the ER. And mental suffering is the chest pain of the mind. It demands attention. But lives focused on productivity and success don’t have time for that attention.

The earlier we encourage our children to develop tools to know themselves and want to authentically know others, and mirror this to them, the better for all of us.

When do we encourage children to know how to have a quiet and powerful relationship with themselves? Not just great grades. And speak about emotional management. And discussing what lies deep within that’s got us that we don’t know has got us?

In today’s society we give feelings such power. But they are only feelings. They come and go. If we learn to surf them for what they are, we are less their victims.

We all have within us the will to live and the will to die.

We have more will to live when we are less “identified” with our feelings.

And live with a deeper sense of personal congruency.

That does not come from things. 

Loneliness is bad for the spirit and our culture and our planet.

It has nothing to do with the mailing list in your business account.

It has everything to do with your personal relationship with yourself.

And reaching out in a most real and human way.

Guest Resources & Links

Suicide hotline: 800 273 8255 



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