Assault on Sleep

In contemporary life, there are a growing number of assaults on restorative sleep. But insomnia can be very difficult to fix. Sleeping pills are linked to dying earlier from diverse causes and many natural solutions lose their effectiveness over time.

Thus, it’s critical to have a large tool bag of natural answers. Plus, nothing works for everyone. And sometimes, sleep issues aren’t the issue, but rather a flashing red light suggesting a hidden underlying disease.

Sleep is complex.

This show will help you get unconfused.

You’ll learn about a large number of natural aids, lifestyle tips, as well as safe drug alternatives.

Some points shared:
· The unappreciated enemies of sleep.
· The dangers of sleeping pills.
· How excessive coffee consumption can shrink the gland that makes melatonin.
· What growth hormone has to do with sleep.
· What herbs are best for sleep. Which one is safe for pregnancy.
· What melatonin does to cancer as you sleep, in what doses, and if it’s safe for women on aromatase inhibitors.
· And more!

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