Birth control pills are used by approximately 100 million women world wide, yet few doctors and women understand the many potential dangerous side effects and complications described many times over in scientific literature.

In this show you learn that birth control pills (BPCs):

  • Rinse multiple numbers of critical nutrients out of the body (and the baby’s body if the baby is conceived only weeks after a woman goes off the pill and hasn’t repleted her own natural stores). You will learn exactly which nutrients, all that should be ingested for protection while on the pill.
  • Can cause an approximate 10% decreased “blunting” of emotions and recognition of facial cues. So much so that scientists suggest that women, when given scripts for the pill, should be warned that use of BCPs might contribute to intimacy/relationship problems.
  • Are linked to a higher incidence of mood disorders like depression and anxiety.
  • Are linked to promoting obesity.
  • Profoundly increase the risk of inflammatory bowel disease and leaky gut in women with genetic predispositions or with other individual vulnerable issues.
  • Can adversely effect thyroid functioning as they rinse out the critical minerals needed to convert “inactive” T4 to “active” T3, which is the main thyroid-signaling molecule.
  • The pill can also increase thyroid binding globulin, which can inactivate thyroid signaling.
  • Can adversely affect adrenal function.
  • Can adversely affect cortisol and anti-inflammatory function.
  • And more!

Synthetic estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) and progesterone (progestins) are hormone-altering-forms of sex steroids. They are not natural. They can have serious consequences in some, not all, well intentioned females.

Birth control pills work by suppressing the natural brain/hormone cross-talk. 

Birth control pills are often used to treat perimenopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. This is not a safe idea for several very important reasons, listen and learn why!

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Birth Control Hormones Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer and More!

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