Sugar Shockers & Scams.

Why you should make this one “New Year’s Resolution” and stick to it!

Dr. Berkson 1 hr. show. Jan. 5 2018

You will learn the differences between sugars, how to read labels like never before, and about the Harvard & New England Journal of Medicine “Sugar Scam” on the public that is still happening in variations on a theme. You’ll get angry and for a good reason!

You will learn the peer-review based sugar-links with leaky gut, post-prandial (after meals) bacterial translocation, fatty liver disease, inflammation (and the new anti-inflammatory molecule on the block “NLRP3-inflammasome” and how sugar disables it), the specific sugar-cancer link especially with colon and breast cancers, an Uber-like transporter molecule, GLUT12, that is an unappreciated sugar and breast cancer connection, and even the protective off-label use of metformin in fighting these cancer/insulin resistance/sugar cross-talks.

There is even discussion on sugar, cannabinoids and depression.

Don’t miss this chock full show to help you help yourself.

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