Dr. Michel Accad, MD is a cardiologist and internal medicine specialist in private practice in San Francisco. He also holds a clinical faculty appointment at the University of California San Francisco.

Dr. Accad has published extensively in the peer-reviewed medical literature on a variety of topics. He runs a blog called AlertandOriented.com, where he writes about medical science, medical ethics, the healthcare system, the doctor-patient relationship, and other related matters.

He is also the author of Moving Mountains: A Socratic Challenge to the Theory and Practice of Population Medicine. You can find him on Twitter, @michelaccad.

It’s fascinating to hear from a medical doctor’s point of view, how medicine started, what were it’s early years and evolution like, and how did it get to where it is today.

Dr. Accad says the today’s medicine has ended up in a very “mechanistic” position where the patient is seeing a practitioner that is working for the insurance company, not the patient. With “direct pay” which is cash for consult basis, the doctor then is working for the patient instead. And the difference between these two medical delivery modes is huge for the interaction and effectiveness of the care.

Accad and Berkson discuss what is health, licensing, the nature of the doctor-patient relationship, how government and not technology is driving health care prices up, how medical licensing laws can shield incompetent doctors, and more.

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Website: www.draccad.com
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Book: Moving Mountains: A Socratic Challenge to the Theory and Practice of Population Medicine

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