A study published by the American Psychological Association shows that the emotion of gratefulness was found to significantly improve mental and ultimately physical health in patients with asymptomatic heart issues like heart failure.

The title is: The role of gratitude in spiritual well being in asymptomatic heart failure patients.. Spirituality in Clinical Practice, 2015; 2 (1): 5 DOI: 10.1037/scp0000050

Identifying and being appreciative for the positive aspects in your life keeps you well. Yet it is not easy to feel peace and grateful for all that we have, even simple things like running water and a grocery store around the corner.

Our society is all about wanting. As soon as we get the it, we start to focusing on what we want next. This devalues what we first got.

We are inept at satiety.

We are drowning in ungratefulness waters.

We are bombarded with ads, info, media, and messages we need more.

We are a rut of wanting.

But saying, hey, be grateful, is easier said than done. GRATEFULNESS IS A MUSCLE THAT HAS TO BE FLEXED LIKE ANY OTHER HEALTHY HABIT.

I remember my godchild Heather saying that even if we just gave oranges to each other at XMAS, often wanting even more.

We live like kings. Let’s not have the egos of them.

Foster gratefulness. Be happier in a gentler manner of being, and this is as important as consuming more greens and live, raw food.