True grief has to be shared, to be processed.

Yet it is solo.

It is narcissistic in that it must take it’s own time and focus on itself, to move along and not get Velcroed.

True grief does not ask for others to come and help. That takes energy that grief is already swallowing whole.

Grief is in layers. Body, mind and spirit.

And from out to in, and in to out again.

Grief is like the ocean. In waves it hits. Some big. Some small. Some drown the village.

Grief eventually recedes a bit more and more, to let a bit of fern grow. That seeks some light. And lengthens. But again on it’s own time.

Grief is very personal. You cannot know someone else’s grief or say what is appropriate and what is not.

But for grief to be a smaller font size, it must be shared, seen and soothed.

Grief is part of the beginning and the end of all life; and it takes up paragraphs in the middle.

It is natural.

All sentient beings, at times, grieve.

Grief does lessen, it does heal,

But we always, somewhat, carry it forward… as a deepening

To hold more compassion and unity with all of God’s other creatures.